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The crystalline state is the most widely used essential solid active pharmaceutical ingredient (API). You can download Pharmaceutical Crystal PDF free by Etsuo Yonemochi. The characterization of pharmaceutical crystals encompasses many scientific disciplines, but the core is crystal structure analysis, which reveals the molecular structure of essential pharmaceutical compounds. Crystal structure analysis provides important structural information related to the wide range of physicochemical properties of the API, such as solubility, stability, tablet performance, color, and hygroscopicity. This book titled “Pharmaceutical Crystals” focuses on the relationship between crystal structure and physicochemical properties. In particular, the new crystal structure of pharmaceutical compounds involving multi-component crystals, such as co-crystals, salts and hydrates, and polymorph crystals, is reported. Such crystalline structures were investigated in recent studies that combined morphology, spectroscopy, theoretical calculation, and thermal analysis with the crystallographic study. This book highlights the importance of crystal structure information in many areas of pharmaceutical science and presents current trends in the study of the structure and properties of pharmaceutical crystals. The guest editors of this book hope that readers will enjoy a wide variety of recent research on pharmaceutical crystals.


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The special issue on “Pharmaceutical Crystals” aimed to publish novel molecular and crystal structures of pharmaceutical compounds, especially new crystal structures of APIs, including polymorphous and solvated crystals, as well as multi-component crystals of APIs, such as co-crystals and salts. Although these pharmaceutical crystals have the same API, they can give rise to different physicochemical properties based on their unique structures. Therefore, this special issue demonstrates the importance of crystal structure information in many sectors of pharmaceutical science. Ten groups, both from industry and academia, contributed their latest studies that include morphology, spectroscopy, theoretical calculation, and thermal analysis with the crystallographic study. This wide variety of studies is the key to this special issue that presents current trends in the study of the structure and properties of pharmaceutical crystals. In this special issue, physicochemical properties and crystal structure are the focus, and a variety of properties have been correlated with crystal structure. The solubility of a pharmaceutical crystal is one of the most interesting topics, and two groups contributed to this aspect. Rene et al. studied the relationship between solubility and crystal faces and crystal habits, providing new insight into the mechanism of crystal habit modification and its impact on solubility. Co-crystal formation is known as one of the effective methods to improve solubility. Zhang et al. found a new co-crystal of the potent H2-receptor antagonist famotidine (FMT) with masonic acid, which was stable and showed higher solubility than the intact crystalline phase. Another essential property of photostability was evaluated on carbamazepine polymorphs (forms I to III) and three co-crystals. Yutani et al. fully used FT-IR, low-frequency Raman spectroscopy, and solid-state NMR to discover that lower molecular mobility is the key to higher photostability. The chemical reactivity of the pharmaceutical salt, nitrofurantoin-4-dimethylaminopyridine (NF-DMAP), was examined by Khan et al. using DFT methods and spectroscopy to conclude that the API was chemically less reactive compared to the salt.

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Dynamic phenomena such as dehydration phase transformation and solvent-mediated phase transformation are also important aspects of pharmaceutical crystals because they relate to crystal stability. The dehydration behavior of ondansetron hydrochloride and hydrobromide was reported by Mizoguchi et al. to elucidate the mechanism. They used a recently developed “Structure Determination from Powder Diffraction Data (SDPD)” technique to analyze the dehydrated crystal structures. Solvent-mediated polymorphic transformation of famoxadone from form II to form I was described by Du et al. [6]. The transformation process was monitored by process analytical technologies and found to be controlled by the growth of form I. Interestingly, hydrogen bonding ability and dipolar polarizability affected the transformation. How do crystals grow? Huang et al. successfully monitored the solution co-crystallization process using Raman spectroscopy. The authors found that the density and temperature of the suspension have an impact on the formation of co-crystals. In addition to crystal growth, the identification of the co-crystal composition is the critical step in any subsequent analysis. An et al. successfully used the fusion diagrams for adefovir dipivoxil and dicarboxylic acids. This method is powerful for evaluating co-crystal composition in solid-state crystallization. Molecular coupling is an emerging topic for the study of pharmaceutical crystals. Ivaschenko et al. reported the crystal structure of a new biologically active molecule, which was also investigated as a new hepatitis B inhibitor in a molecular docking study. This substance has in vitro nanomolar inhibitory activity against hepatitis B virus (HBV). Another coupling study was reported by Al-Wabli et al., where a newly synthesized compound was characterized crystallographically. Furthermore, the structure was analyzed by molecular docking studies and Hirshfeld surface analysis. The in vitro antifungal potential of the compound was examined against four different fungal strains.

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Pharmaceutical Crystals (2020) (PDF) by Etsuo Yonemochi pdf provides all the necessary information on solid active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). This ebook has images that make it easy to understand.


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