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How to Reduce Image size without any Software

In this article, we shall learn How to Reduce Image size without any Software. If you’re thinking how is it possible to reduce any photo size without using any software? then the answer is yes it is possible and you will reduce image size without any effort within 30 seconds.

Purpose of this post

Most beginners who are new in the world of blogging don’t know how to reduce image size they use heavy and costly software. Sometimes we need to make a hassle and we are not in the mood to install any software because it will take time and you need also an internet connection on the other hand free software is not found.

Sometimes we need to upload photos in low size but you don’t know deeply about computers. So by using WhatsApp, you can reduce the size of the image by yourself.


Why Not Using Software?

A question must be in your mind why not use software or applications in this era when we have a lot of.

As I have explained in the above paragraph most of us are not tricky we don’t have an idea of what and which type of software should be used. On the other hand, modern software is not free and you have to download a cracked version which is harmful to your PC. The chances of hacking and virus increases.

In some cases, the specifications of a computer or laptop are not enough to support modern software like Adobe Photoshop and others. So why do we use the software when we can reduce photo size with WhatsApp? ( see WhatsApp Emojis and real meaning )



How to reduce image size with WhatsApp?

Now let’s come to our main point How to Reduce Image size without any Software.

I am going to my personal trick and I use it whenever I have no software or mobile application. I use this method for my blog posts. by using WhatsApp you can also remove the alt text. Those who are attached to blogging better know what is ALT Text in an image.

If you don’t know then I would like to explain it ALT text is used in the image while posting it on the website to tell the google what is an image about. Because google by itself can’t recognize any image alt text tells google what is in the image.


reduce size with whatsapp

Here is the image in which we are going to lower the amount of size. You can see in the image the size of the photo is 2.35 MB.  It is too large we shall convert it to 164 KB only.



Method of how to reduce photo size without any software and using WhatsApp

Login to your WhatsApp on PC

Let me clarify that you can also use WhatsApp on mobile to reduce the image size.

web whatsapp qr scan method




Select the Image

After successful logging, select any conversation ( you can use your second number also) now you need to select the image which you want to reduce. You can also drag and drop images in the conversation.




Send Image

Now you can see the image has been sent in the conversation.





Download Image

After sending the image now you need to simply download it. you can download it from your conversation.

whatsapp download image

If you have downloaded the image go to your location and see the magic.



If you processed this simple method of reducing image size using WhatsApp. Now see the magic the size of our photo has been decreased. You can see on the left side the size of the image was 2.35 MG and after this method on the left side the size is only 164 KB. The same image is not cropped from any side.

reduced size

I know this is a simple method but perhaps you don’t know before How to Reduce Image size without any Software. I hope you learned something new if yes then hit the share button. Stay connected.


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