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How to Get Your Car Fixed in Emergencies – Car Breakdown Advice

It is like a nightmare if your car breaks down in the middle of a road. Some people can even panic in such a situation, sitting in the driving seat scratching their head as if fear has gripped them and they are floored. For some, the feeling of being caught up in such a situation is scarier as it staunches the flow of traffic and increases the risk of collision unless the car is pulled to the side of a motorway.

The car can cease working at any time without giving you any warning signs, and there could be a lot of reasons for the knock-out of your car in the middle of the road. If it has been acting up, you can get it checked before you get snared in such an awkward situation.

Basics you should follow when your car breaks down

If your car breaks down, you should get off the motorway without further ado. You make your way to an emergency area at the side of smart motorways. In case you cannot get to an emergency area, you should be able to pull it up to the left side of the motorway.

Switch on hazard lights in order to indicate to people that your car is stationary. If the visibility is low, you should turn on fog lights as well.

If you feel safe, you should get out of your car and stand at the side of the safety barrier. If you do not feel safe enough to get out or your car has broken down straight into the middle, let your belts be fastened, hazard lights on, and call 999.

If you have a warning triangle with your car, you should place it at least 45 metres away from the back of your car to give the moving traffic a warning signal. However, this should be done only when you are not on a motorway.

Be patient unless the help reaches you. There is nothing to be concerned about if you do not have coverage, as most providers will let you join immediately.

Car breakdown at home

If you try to kick the engine in motion and it does not respond or your car begins acting up, you do not have to be fanatical as you are at your home. It is a familiar place. However, you might not always be so lucky that you get a red flag just before you take off.

Therefore, it makes sense to look at the condition of your car. See if your battery is up and running or in good condition. Check if you have any flat tires. Try to buy a breakdown cover policy because otherwise, you will have to pay for using tow services.

What if your car is on finance?

Your car likely breaks down, and it is on finance. Well, there is nothing to worry about as many finance companies provide an option to return and swap the car with a new one after a fixed period of time. However, do not think that you can escape footing the bill for repairing damages. Your insurance company will bear them if you are covered.

Otherwise, try to borrow money. If you are on benefits and need a loan today, you can apply to an online lender. If your car is badly banged up, you will have to foot the bill for wear and tear beyond the accepted damage. Finance companies normally accept cars in a selling condition.

What if you do not have enough money to foot the bill?

If your car is not very old, you do not have the option of swapping. In that case, you will have to get the repair work done on your own. If you do not have enough money, you can finance it. Make sure that it is an affordable option for you. Borrowing money can cause financial strain on your pocket.

If the repair work is too much, you can consider 24-month loans for bad credit with no guarantor, but they prove to be an ideal choice only when you can repay the debt. However, there are small emergency loans as well if you have enough savings to meet the cost of repair work. These loans are generally required to be paid off in a lump sum. Keep this factor in mind while looking to borrow money.

What are the financing options for car repair?

 If you do not have an emergency cushion to cover the cost of your car repair bills, you can consider the following three financing options:

  • Short-term loans can come in handy. If the amount is so small, you will have to pay off the money in a lump sum.
  • You should try to borrow money from your friends or family if you suspect that you cannot pay money back to your lender along with interest.
  • Look for a low-cost mechanic. Sending your car to the manufacturer can cost you a lot of money. Find a local mechanic who can fix your car without requiring you to shell out money.

Tips for avoiding your car’s breakdown

You can find your car on the blink in unexpected situations, and there is no way to remove the 100% possibility of breakdown, but the following tips can help you keep it at arm’s length.

  • Regularly maintain your car. Periodic service is a must to keep your car in good condition. The air filters and oil filters should be changed every two to three months, depending on the usage of your car.
  • Adopt good driving habits. Hard brakes can ruin related components. Avoid revving up the engine for a long time.
  • Do not keep unnecessary things in your car, especially in the boot. They just add up the pressure on the rear tyres.

The bottom line

If your car is broken down in an unexpected circumstance, you should immediately pull it to the side of the motorway to keep yourself and moving traffic safe. Call 999 for help. Your car will be towed to a mechanic. If you are covered, you do not have to pay for tow service.

You can finance the car repair cost if you do not have enough money. However, if you do not own it yet, your finance company can swap it if it is a few years old, but you will bear the repair cost in case of the absence of insurance.

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