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How to remove background music from audio song Free

I hope you love the music but sometimes we want to remove background music from a song. If you are looking for this query then you’re on the right page. I will tell you how to separate vocals only from a song. In this method, you can not only isolate vocals from audio but also can make karaoke Songs and replace them with your own voice.

I also prefer to listen to religious content without music so I use this method and I have created my own youtube channel for religious vocals only.

How to remove background music from the audio song

In order to remove music from a track, I shall recommend two applications, and a complete process of isolating vocals from a track will be discussed in this article later.

Benefits of this post:

After reading this post you will be able to

  • Remove background music from an audio
  • You can make favorite karaoke songs
  • You can mix audio to create a new track
  • You can avoid copyright issues on youtube

How to remove background music of a song

I am going to share two methods

01. Through

This is an awesome online vocals remover website that provides you the facility of removing easily any music from any song free of cost. The free version is limited but you can go for pro if you want to enjoy more features.

01. Visit

You can also download the android application from the google play store.

02. Signup on this website

login Moises screen

03. After signup or login Now you should move to the next step.

Now here you will need to upload tracks. You can select a file or paste the link of any song like youtube link, SoundCloud or dropbox. In the image, you can see I have pasted the youtube link.


uploading track on Moises remove background music


04. Once you pasted or upload the track on Moises it will take some time and then the file will look like this (as in the image). Click on the arrow down button.


ready Moises file


05. When you click on the arrow down button then this screen will appear. Now you can choose vocals only if you want to remove the background music or you can choose or mix the music drums, bass etc with your own choice.


 remove background music


If you need only vocals (singer’s voice) then click on the vocals download button as shown in the image with a red circle. Once you click on it downloading will start automatically.

Using Moises Application

The process of separating music tracks or removing background music is the same as on the desktop version.

02. Using Splihit Android App

The second method of removing background music from audio online is similar to Moses App but with a little bit of difference.

In this method, you can get the help of Splihit Android AppSplitHit: Vocal Remover


splithi music remover


How to spilt track using Splithit app

01. Download the application

02. Select any song of your choice

03. Vocals, Piono,m Bass, Drums other music will show up and you can mix your song according to your onw choice. You can mix the song according to your need and mode.

If you want to download only vocals then scroll down all other instruments bars and only vocal bar should up. Now you can download your mix song.

This app is only provide limited tries. You can buy premium app in lowest price or try to find on google premium apk file. Many webstie provides premium apk files.

But I will never recommned it becuase application installed other than Apple store or Google play store can harm your device and you may lost your data.


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