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WhatsApp New Color Change Update 2021

If you heard that WhatsApp is going to make a change in the colour scheme then yes you hear right. WhatsApp for Android is being updated with a new colour scheme that is brighter than the current one. This change is initially provided to beta testers for testing purposes. However, if the test is successful, it will be publicly available (according to the desired results). The new colour scheme applies to both the Light and Dark themes of WhatsApp and can be viewed from any major interface elements, including the background and sand buttons. The new WhatsApp beta also brings back the creation history of groups.

WhatsApp initially updates through beta version



New WhatsApp Colour

One of the most notable changes is the new colour scheme, which is available on both deep and light themes. Although WhatsApp is still using green, it is lighter in shade. You will notice a change if you compare the old and new WhatsApp beta releases together.



Whatsapp change colour



New Changes

Color scheme updates appear in all major elements, including the top bar, background, and message bubbles. There is also a change for the send button. In addition, the icons in the settings menu have been moved from the previous green to grey.

The new WhatsApp beta version also brings creation dates for groups. That was before, but the Facebook-owned company quietly made history for Android users. However, the creation date has been available to iPhone users for a long time.

WhatsApp has also replaced the existing “Type A message” with the existing “Message” banner that appears on the chat bar. This has changed for some of the first beta users as well.

You can check all the changes by downloading the latest WhatsApp beta on your Android device. The app is available to users participating in the beta program on Google Play. Alternatively, it can be installed by downloading the WhatsApp APK beta version from APK Mirror.




Whatsapp old vs new



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