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Transforming Dimension of IPR: Challenges for New Age Libraries Edition PDF Free

The book Transforming Dimension of IPR: Challenges for New Age Libraries is written by Dr. Priya Rai, Dr. R. K. Sharma, Dr. P. K. Jain, Akash Singh. The Indian Council of Historical Research has a well-established Documentation Centre and has been preserving documentation in its many forms. The center’s primary goal is to become more visible in the online information-seeking world in order to reach scholars and expand awareness of the collections, services, and their significance. The decision to replace print copies with digital ones is the documentation center’s preferred choice of preservation surrogate. This article discusses the collection development policy, technologies, challenges, and issues of IPRs of digital preservation, etc.

Copyright infringement is a trouble connected to information technology. Often this is quite obvious. Since much of the copyright law was written with pre-digital technology in mind, artifacts of these assumptions continue in the law regardless of attempts to modernize it. This paper looks particularly at the relationship between information technology and copyright enforcement. It shows the three key technology factors that matter to rights holders who want to earn money from their creative works: copying technology, distribution technology, and sales technology. This paper covers the traditional intellectual property rights (IPR) laws and associated concepts from printed to digital works, and discusses how the characteristics of digital replication pose problems for traditional IPR systems. It provides some perceptivity into the Indian software industry by discussing the scope of Indian copyright law, the rights of owner, infringement, penalties etc.


Topics of this Edition

1. Application of Intellectual Property Rights for Digital Preservation of Historical Collection at Indian Council of Historical Research: A Case Study.
2. IPR in India: Status, Strategies, and Challenges for Digital Content.
3. Significance of Intellectual Property Rights in Modern Era: An Overview.
4. Intellectual Property Rights Information in India. Kalpana
5. IPR Implications Vis-a-Vis Developing Countries Trips Saga: Implications for Developing Countries.
6. Impact of IPR Issues in Metadata Application in Digital Scenario.
7. Intellectual Property Right Issues with Special Reference to Indian Institutional Repositories: A Study.
8. Development and Analysis of Intellectual Property Rights Using Emerging Technologies in the Digital Age.
9. A Robust, Realistic, and Rigorous Action Plan for Ensuring Adequate Protection of Traditional Knowledge.
10. A Study of Intellectual Property Management in Industries & Academics & Ways for Collaboration in India.
11. Awareness and Understanding of Intellectual Property Rights: A Pilot Study of Library Patrons



Book Name Transforming Dimension of IPR: Challenges for New Age Libraries
Author of Book Dr. Priya Rai, Dr. R. K. Sharma, Dr. P. K. Jain, Akash Singh
Edition N/A
Language English
Format PDF
Category Law Books



Transforming Dimension of IPR: Challenges for New Age Libraries



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