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Tort Law 6th Edition PDF Free Download

The book Tort Law is written by Nicholas McBride, and Roderick Bagshaw. Tort Law, 6th edition, Global Edition, by Nicholas McBride and Roderick Bagshaw, is an essential text for anyone studying law. Written by two leading academics in the field, this book will equip you with all the information you need to succeed in your studies, combining detailed coverage of legal principles with broader literature and topic discussions to develop your critical thinking skills. The text supports your learning through what-if scenarios and additional guided reading.

Now in its sixth edition, Tort Law has been extensively updated to include the latest information available on the subject, including all relevant case law and legislative developments.


Key features

  • The expansion of subsidiary liability.
  • The treatment of the notion of “defect”.
  • Reinvigoration of the grievance.
  • Acknowledgment of a grievance of the fraudulent institution of the civil process.
  • Attempts to reform the law in defense of illegality.


Topics of this Edition

1 The basics
2 Trespass to the person
3 Claims in negligence
4 Duty of care: introduction
5 Duty of care: acts
6 Duty of care: omissions
7 Breach of duty
8 Causation
9 Actionability
10 Occupiers’ liability
11 Product liability
12 Trespass to land
13 Private nuisance
14 Strict liability for dangerous things
15 Torts to personal property
16 Defamation
17 Invasion of privacy, harassment and abuse
18 Breach of statutory duty
19 Public nuisance
20 The economic torts
21 Abuse of power or position
22 Defences
23 Compensatory damages
24 Aggravated and exemplary damages
25 Disgorgement and licence fee damages
26 Nominal and vindicatory damages
27 Injunctions
28 Wrongful death claims
29 Other third-party claims
30 Accessory liability
31 Vicarious liability
32 Loss compensation schemes

About the Author

Nicholas J. McBride is a Fellow of Pembroke College, Cambridge; he was formerly a Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford.

Roderick Bagshaw is a Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford.


Overview of Tort Law

Tort Law 6th Edition by Nicholas and Roderick pdf free download. The Preface to the fifth edition of this text expressed the hope that tort law was going through a period of relative calm in terms of future developments, as most of the important questions related to tort law seemed to have been answered. (right or wrong). wrong is another matter) and it was hard to see any appetite for reopening those questions. While followers of this text will generally have found it reliable in its predictions, both in relation to how courts will decide particular cases and the future development of tort law, we must confess that we have missed the mark. with this.



Book Name Tort Law
Author of Book Nicholas McBride, Roderick Bagshaw
Edition 6th
Language English
Format PDF
Category Nursing Books



Tort Law



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