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Tort Law 11th Edition PDF Free Download

The book Tort Law is written by Catherine Elliott and Frances Quinn. As always, the period between the publication of the last edition of this book and the preparation of this one has seen many developments in tort law. In this eleventh edition, we cover the first cases to reach the courts since the 2013 Defamation Act came into force, as well as new developments in ever-evolving privacy law or, as we’ve now been officially told, we may call it, misuse of private information. Other areas that have seen interesting cases in the last couple of years include the defense of illegality, the liability of public bodies for negligence, vicarious liability, and the tort in Wilkinson v Downton, often assumed as a relic of history and, yet capable of giving a very realistic contraction just when you least expect it.

In this edition, we have restructured coverage for negligence, breaking up what was once a single chapter so that economic loss liability and psychiatric injury now have chapters of their own. This was in response to suggestions from the speakers, who felt that these topics had become too large and unwieldy to sit in a general chapter on negligence principles. We agree and hope that the new structure will make these two rather difficult areas more accessible, but we would be interested in hearing from other teachers and students about the change.



Topics of this Edition

Chapter 1 Tort law: an introduction
Chapter 2 Negligence: elements of the tort
Chapter 3 Negligence: causation, defenses, limitation, and criticism
Chapter 4 Negligence: psychiatric injury
Chapter 5 Negligence: economic loss
Chapter 6 Negligence: public bodies
Chapter 7 Employers’ liability
Chapter 8 Occupiers’ liability
Chapter 9 Product Liability
Chapter 10 Breach of statutory duty
Chapter 11 Defamation
Chapter 12 Privacy
Chapter 13 Nuisance
Chapter 14 The rule in Rylands v Fletcher
Chapter 15 Trespass to land
Chapter 16 Trespass to the person
Chapter 17 Joint and several liabilities
Chapter 18 Vicarious liability
Chapter 19 Remedies in tort

About the Author

Catherine Elliott (LLB, DEA) is a qualified attorney and experienced university professor who has written extensively in the field of law. Frances Quinn is an award-winning journalist with a particular interest and background in law. –This text refers to an alternate kindle_edition.


Overview of Tort Law

Written and designed for use in an LLB or GDL program, Tort Law combines the authors’ trademark writing clarity with coverage of the fundamental legal principles at stake in this ever-evolving topic. A range of student-friendly features to support understanding and coverage of current issues and key academic debates within civil liability also combine to make this book the book of choice for students year after year.



Book Name Tort Law
Author of Book Catherine Elliott, Frances Quinn
Edition 11th
Language English
Format PDF
Category Law Books



Tort Law



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