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Top 10 Rules for Success PDF Free Inspiring Book

Top 10 Rules for success is pdf inspiring book which is written by EVAN CARMICHAEL. This book is based on The top 10 rules for success rules to succeed in business and life from titans, billionaires, and leaders who changed the world. Using 40 of these legends, Avon compiled 400 quotes and included them in the Top 10 Most Popular and Effective Rules. They are a stimulus to your heart and a request for your life.

The Top 10 Rules of Success is not just a book you read from cover to cover, but a daily action plan full of practical tips and motivational hints. This book will help you to believe in yourself, your abilities and your dreams. From Steve Jobs to Tony Robbins to Oprah Winfrey, life-changing wisdom calls you from every page. If you are looking for simple reading, motivation for days and effective measures then this book is for you. Open it, select a page, and see for yourself.

This book has quotes and secrets of success from all the famous people in the world like, sterve jo

  • Steve Jobs
  • Tony Robbins
  • Simon Sinek
  • Bill Gates
  • Eric Thomas
  • Sadhguru
  • Warren Buffett
  • Robert Kiyosaki
  • Jack Ma
  • many others.



Book Top 10 Rules for Success
Author Evan Carmichael
Format PDF
Price PDF FREE (Buy hardcover)


Rule #1: Follow Your Passion

Follow your passion. Do what you love. Pursue your purpose. There are lots of ways of pointing at the same thing but after the years I’ve spent researching the most successful entrepreneurs, actors, artists, singers, writers, innovators, and leaders, the number one, most consistent piece of advice from all of them is that you need to follow your passion.

If you want to find ultimate success and make your mark then you need to find the thing that you would do even if you never got paid for it. Find the thing that you can be so obsessed about that you’ll keep going even if doesn’t make practical sense, even if the people around you say you’re crazy, even if it has a low probability of succeeding.

You keep going because you need to keep going. Because it’s a part of you. Because you’ll be an army of one to will this idea of yours into existence. Because you don’t want to look back on your life and realize that you quit on one of the most important projects of your life. Having the courage to make the big decision with your heart and say, ‘yes’, while your head says, ‘no’, is tough. But that’s the courage that you’re going to need to create a new, better world and turn your dream into a reality.

You don’t get to be the best by doing what you hate or just find okay. You become the best by loving what you do more than anyone else and following that passion through.


Rule #2: Have Self-Awareness

Following your passion isn’t enough. It’s just your ticket in. It doesn’t guarantee your success. The next step successful people take is having self-awareness (like finding and applying your One Word). They understand what they’re good at, what they have Michael Jordan level talent at, and they pursue that instead of trying to do everything themselves.


They plan a schedule, work environment, and team around themselves, even if it leads to an unconventional structure. It’s not how most people do things, but it works for them, and that’s the point. Having the self-awareness to understand how you work best and then build a business around it gives you the best chance at success.

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