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Thermal Camera for Mobile – A comparison of Flir, Infiray, Seek Compact

When we talk about Thermal camera than we mostly saw different queries and questions regarding them. People want to know what is the best thermal camera for a smartphone like Android and IOs before buying it. Of course, a review of any product is the best solution and it helps to your mindset which thing is suitable for you. I also saw people want to know more and more by searching these queries like a best thermal camera for mobile so I decide to share a comparison of three most famous cameras e.g Flir, Infiray Seek Compac further users also search these queries to find the requisite result

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What is a thermal Camera:

Thermal imaging cameras are devices that translate visible thermal energy (heat) into visible light to analyze a particular object or scene. As a result, the image is known as a thermogram and is analyzed by a process called thermography. Thermal imaging cameras are state-of-the-art devices that process the captured image and display it on the screen. These images can be used for diagnostic, accuracy and processing of report output for specialized quick diagnostics or processing by specialized software. Heat imaging cameras take temperature measurement to the next level. Instead of getting a number for temperature, you get an image that shows the difference in surface temperature. Now we know what is meant by Thermal camera 


So let’s move to A comparison of best Thermal Camera for Smartphone

Flir one proInfiRay T3SSeek Compact Pro

We shall discuss these three famous thermal cameras for mobile according to specifications, Size, Material, Weight, Performance and most important price.



  Flir one pro InfiRay T3S Seek compact pro
Resolution: 160×120
Frame Rate: 8.7Hz 25Hz < 9Hz
Temperature Measurement Range: -20–400℃ -20℃–120℃ -40–330℃
Data Rate: < 170k >2700k 2700k
Accuracy: ±3℃ or ±5% ±2℃ or ±2% ±3-5℃
Price $:      



After analyzing of specifications now we review these thermal cameras

  • Flir one pro – 38g
  • InfiRay T3S – 40g
  • Seek compact pro – 15g

The seek compact Pro is lightweight ac compared to the two others. 


How to Download telegram Files  Fast


  • Flir one pro – (Bigger)
  • InfiRay T3S – (Middle
  • Seek compact pro – (Small)

Flir one pro,InfiRay T3S,Seek Compact Pro

As you can see in the image the size of these cameras is cleared. So this point goes to Seek Compact Pro. If


now we look the matter by material side

Flir one pro 

The cover is also plastic but feels soft, which protects against falling to the ground. The lens is not stretched so it is less easy to damage it.

Flir one pro image


InfiRay T3S

It has a metal cover. That’s why it’s heavy. It is also anodized. The metal cover not only protects the internal circuit but also the electromagnetic radiation. So that it can work properly under certain environments like transformer stations.

InfiRay T3S image



Seek compact pro:

It looks like made of plastic.


Seek compact pro:



The working wavelength of thermal imaging is 7-14µm. The best lens material is germanium. Some producers use less expensive synthetic materials. According to my research and direct consultation with manufacturers

  • Flir one pro – (vulcanized synthetic material)
  • InfiRay T3S – (Germanium)
  • Seek Compact Pro – (vulcanized synthetic material)\


Picture Quality:

As earlier we saw that the main focus of thermal camera devices is the measurement of temperature, and if we look up the resolution of these model then it comes with the following:-

Flir one pro – 160×120

InfiRay T3S – 384×288

Seek Compact pro – 320×240

Here closest image sample of these thermal cameras

Image Quality of thermal camera
Credit: Google


Overlapping with visible light greatly improves the image of Flare One supporters. Thermal image and regular image match quite well. The image of the Compact process looks like the 160 × 120 of the Filler One. Even it is 320 × 240. The picture of InfiRay T3S is much.


Temperature measurement:

Flir one pro range -20–400℃, accuracy ±3℃ or ±5%

InfiRay T3S range -20–120℃, accuracy ±2℃ or ±2%

Seek compact pro range -40–330℃, accuracy unknown.

The InfiRay T3S doesn’t have a ceiling, but it does have great accuracy. ± 2 ℃ or ± 2 is the industry standard so it can be used directly in professional industries such as the trial industry. As for circuit design, since people can burn with PCBA which is more than 60 above, -20-120% is more than enough.

Now we look into the body temperature as well as PCBA Temperature Measurement

Body Temperature Measurement:

  • Flir one pro – 35.5℃
  • Infiray T3S – 36.13℃
  • Seek Compact pro – 33℃

Body Temperature Measurement images of thermal camera


PCBA Temperature Measurement:

The Filler One Pro, with the help of Visible Overlap, can see the position of the components, however,the problem is that the thermal and visible images do not match well.

Find Compact Pro Finding component positions is difficult. I could barely see the PCBA.

 PCBA Temperature Measurement

The InfiRay T3S has got a clear image and it is easy to find the components with maximum temperature.

Infiray also wins in PCBA Temperature Measurement.


Parameter Settings:

Parameter settings have an effect on size accuracy. All 3 fashions have an emissivity setting. Flir one seasoned and Seek compactly seasoned each offer some constant options. It’s clean for normal customers, however, superior customers aren’t capable of set emissivity for particular cloth to get the correct size. InfiRay T3S has emissivity, ambient temperature, humidity, distance settings to fine-track the size. This characteristic could be very beneficial for hardware engineers to get the correct temperature size.


Flir one pro: 3 Points
Seek Compact pro: 3 Points
InfiRay T3S: 9 Points


Battery Lifetime:

Flir one seasoned equipped with a battery that desires to be charged earlier than use. Seek compact and InfiRay T3S are powered through smartphones thru USB connection.

The battery life of Flir one could be very short. It most effective lasted approximately thirty mins once I used it. When the ambient temperature is lower, the battery lifestyles is even shorter.


Flir one pro: 3 Points
Seek Compact pro: 8.7 Points
InfiRay T3S: 8 Points



We try to cover all the things in the Thermal Camera for Mobile – A comparison of Flir, Infiray, Seek Compact as much as we can. So we have put all the things in front of you now you can easily choose what is best Thermal smartphone camera for you.

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