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The Student Nurse Handbook (2nd Ed.) Free PDF Download

The book The Student Nurse Handbook is written by Bethann Siviter. The first edition of the SNH was written when I was still a student, in a degree course that I took immediately after my Dip (HE); to be honest, I started the degree (district nursing) before the Diploma was technically finished (I was in a rush). On the first day of the District Nursing course, I had my driver’s license practical test (a driver’s license is a requirement for the course), so again, here was a student facing an evaluation at the last possible moment: just coming out of the student experience, Still reeling and so close to placements, assignments, and expectations, and facing at least one more year as a student, albeit a different type of student (one with a grade), I felt like I knew what students needed.

A second edition written by a more experienced nurse might lose the knowledge and sensitivity of the first edition. In the end, I felt strongly that I couldn’t give up this book, and my connection to the students through it, any more than I could give up nursing itself. My commitment to you is even stronger now than it was in the first edition, as so many of you came to hear me speak, wrote to me, and said, “Yes, I needed that book!” I needed it too and I didn’t realize how much it meant to me to give it to you.


Book Name The Student Nurse Handbook
Author of Book  Bethann Siviter 
Edition 2nd
Language English
Format PDF
Category Nursing Books



Overview of The Student Nurse Handbook

This book is an indispensable guide on how to enter and survive a pre-registration nursing course. In an immensely readable style, this book inspires and encourages students to complete their coursework and become a nurse. Case studies and quotes from students and nurses show readers that their thoughts and feelings are shared by others; this validation will reduce stress and anxiety and lend credibility Humor and cartoons make the text readable and fun to use Tips, hints, and tips encourage the ‘branding’ student Appendices list other helpful resources, contact details of organizations and websites Two-color design makes it attractive to use revised NMC Code of Professional Conduct, Disability Discrimination Act, Agenda for Change and Knowledge and Skills Framework, Essence of Care.


Topics of this Edition

1. Nursing and Nurse Education
2. What is the NMC?
3. Nursing Models
4. Academic Work
5. Clinical Placements
6. Tools of the Trade
7. Cracking the Code
8. Drug Calculations, Numeracy, and Medication Administration
9. Reading and Understanding Research
10. Reflective Practice and Portfolios
11. Legal Issues for Students


The Student Nurse Handbook



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