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The Rights Of Refugees Unser International Law PDF Free Download

The book The Rights Of Refugees Unser International Law is written by James C. Hathaway. Traditionally, the biggest challenge facing refugees arriving in the developed world has been convincing authorities that they are, in fact, entitled to recognition of their refugee status.1 What level of risk does the “fear” standard require? founded”? What types of damages does the notion of “being persecuted” cover? Is there a duty to seek a domestic remedy within one’s own country before seeking protection as a refugee abroad? What is the meaning of the five protection grounds and what causal relationship is required between those grounds and the risk of being persecuted? More recently, much attention has also been paid to the nature of the circumstances in which a person may be excluded from refugee protection or may be deemed no longer in need of it.

While the debate continues over these and other requirements to qualify as a Convention refugee,2 it cannot be denied that the 1990s led to a marked increase in both the breadth and depth of judicial efforts to resolve disputes. puzzling definition. Higher courts of appeals now routinely engage in an ongoing and rather extraordinary3 transnational judicial conversation on refugee outreach.


Topics of this Edition

1 International law as a source of refugee rights
2 The evolution of the refugee rights regime
3 The structure of entitlement under the Refugee Convention
4 Rights of refugees physically present
5 Rights of refugees lawfully present
6 Rights of refugees lawfully staying
7 Rights of solution
Challenges to the viability of refugee rights

Overview of The Rights Of Refugees Unser International Law

This book presents the first comprehensive analysis of the human rights of refugees as set out in the UN Refugee Convention. In an era where states are increasingly defying the logic of simply assimilating refugees as their own citizens, questions are now being raised about whether refugees should be allowed to enjoy the freedom of movement, work, access to public welfare, or meet with family members. Doubts have been raised about the advisability of exempting refugees from visa and other immigration rules, and whether there is an obligation to admit refugees. Hathaway links the standards of the United Nations Refugee Convention with key norms of international human rights law and applies her analysis to the world’s toughest protection challenges. This is a critical resource for advocates, judges, and legislators. It will also be groundbreaking academic work for graduate students in international law and human rights.



Book Name The Rights Of Refugees Unser International Law
Author of Book James C. Hathaway
Edition N/A
Language English
Format PDF
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The Rights Of Refugees Unser International Law



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