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The Oxford Handbook Of International Criminal Law PDF Free Download

International criminal law is a set of laws that govern the conduct of war and the treatment of prisoners. It is also known as the “law of armed conflict”. The International Criminal Court (ICC) was founded in 2002, and has jurisdiction over crimes committed in war or during the occupation. It is not an independent court, but rather a judicial branch within the United Nations. In this blog post you will be able to download The Oxford Handbook Of International Criminal Law PDF Free

The fortunes of International Criminal Law (ICL) come and go. It is sometimes difficult to keep track of the many developments in this amorphous and constantly evolving field. In a way, ICL is merely a technique for criminalizing the violation of certain norms and may not have a comprehensive project of its own. In fact, over time, ICL has been associated with a variety of essential projects: counter-terrorism, protecting the peace, punishing atrocities, and so on. Furthermore, it is impossible to discuss ICL without discussing international criminal justice more generally, which encompasses a dizzying array of institutions and initiatives.

At the same time, the last 30 years have been marked by an apparent “normalization” of the discipline from its earlier and perhaps more “heroic” age. Where earlier scholars had to be content with the legacy of Nuremberg and Tokyo and a hodgepodge of international crimes, the discipline has now developed a greater sense of origin and destination. It has benefited greatly from the establishment and operation of international criminal courts, which have provided ample opportunities to analyze previously undiscussed and perhaps even unimaginable issues. Their social relevance has solidified, their methods of intervention more familiar. Countless graduate programs, journals, conferences, and monographs are devoted to their study.

Book Name: The Oxford Handbook Of International Criminal Law
Author: Darryl Robinson
Category: Law Book
Language: English
Format: PDF
Section: Criminal Law

While the international ad hoc criminal courts are closing their doors after 25 years and the International Criminal Court (ICC) is regularly subjected to criticism (both political and legal), few empirical studies have been conducted on and with the main players of international criminal law. Scholars have mainly focused on the technical aspects of international criminal law, its legitimacy and philosophy.

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While these approaches are crucial to the analysis of international criminal justice, they seem too narrow to provide an analysis or assessment of the justice system as a whole. On the one hand, legalist approaches have a restricted objective, limited to constituent texts (i.e. statutes of international criminal courts) and jurisprudence, but exclude their functioning, their social impact, their interpretation by local populations, as well as their location on the political and economic map. On the other hand, legitimacy is such a polysemic concept3 that it could be viewed as an aporetic, circular, and empty concept.


Chapters of The Oxford Handbook Of International Criminal Law

Section I: ACTORS

Chapter 1: An Empirical Analysis of International Criminal Law: The Perception and Experience

Chapter 2: Defence Perspectives on Fairness and Efficiency at the International Criminal Court

Chapter 3: Neither Here nor There: The Position of the Defence in International Criminal Tribunals

Chapter 4: The Creation of an Ad Hoc Elite: And the Value of International Criminal Law Expertise on a Global Market

Chapter 5: Teachings of Publicists and the Reinvention of the Sources Doctrine in International Criminal Law

Section II: SPACES

Chapter 6: Legitimacy in War and Punishment The Security Council and the ICC

Chapter 7: Africa and International Criminal Law

Chapter 8: On Regional Criminal Courts as Representatives of Political Communities: The Special Case of the African Criminal Court


Chapter 9: Taking Internationalism Seriously: Why International Criminal Law Matters

Chapter 10: Impunities

Chapter 11: Courting Failure: When Are International Criminal Courts Likely to be Believed by Local Audiences?

Section IV: CRIMES

Chapter 12: ‘What is An International Crime?’

Chapter 13: A Theory of International Crimes: Conceptual and Normative Issues

Chapter 14: From Aggression to Atrocity Rethinking the History of International Criminal Law

Chapter 15: Enslavement as a Crime against Humanity: Some Doctrinal, Historical, and Theoretical Considerations


Chapter 16: A Criminological Approach to the ICC’s Control Theory

Chapter 17: The Two Cultures of International Criminal Law

Chapter 18: Immunity and Impunity

Chapter 19: Epistemological Controversies and Evaluation of Evidence in International Criminal Trials

Chapter 20: The Right to Truth in International Criminal Law

Chapter 21: From Machinery to Motivation: The Lost Legacy of Criminal Organizations Liability


Chapter 22: Historical Reasoning and Judicial Historiography in International Criminal Trials

Chapter 23: Criminal/Enemy

Chapter 24: The Enemy of All Humanity

Chapter 25: Moving Images: Modes of Representation and Images of Victimhood in Audio-Visual Productions


Chapter 26: International Criminal Tribunal Backlash

Chapter 27: The Crises and Critiques of International Criminal Justice

Chapter 28: Hangman’s Perspective: Three Genres of Critique following Eichmann

Chapter 29: Inequality of Arms Reversed?: Defendants in the Battle for Political Legitimacy


Chapter 30: International Criminal Law and the Subordination of Emancipation: The Question of Legal Hierarchy in Transitional Justice

Chapter 31: International Criminal Justice and Humanitarianism

Chapter 32: International Criminal Law and Culture

Chapter 33: The Core Crimes of International Criminal Law

Chapter 34: Transnational Crimes

Chapter 35: The Unity of International Criminal Law: A Socio-Legal View

Section IX: FUTURE(S)

Chapter 36: International Criminal Law: The Next Hundred Years


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The Oxford Handbook Of International Criminal Law



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