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The Official Guide for Foreign-Educated Nurses (1st Ed.) Free PDF Download

The book The Official Guide for Foreign-Educated Nurses is written by Barbara L. Nichols, and Catherine Davis. When the International Commission on Graduates of Foreign Schools of Nursing (CGFNS) was created in 1977, I was a member of the Board of Directors of the American Nurses Association and participated in many discussions about the effectiveness of recruiting foreign nurses to provide patient care. in the US population. I was intrigued by the discussion about the pros and cons of foreign-educated nurses being temporary or permanent fixtures in the US nursing workforce. What evolved from those discussions was the need to create an assessment program credentialing that was professionally ethical and responsible for both the foreign-educated nurse and the American public.

The genesis of this book grew out of CGFNS’s years of dialogue with foreign-educated nurses who use our services. The global nursing shortage serves as an ongoing context for our work and intensifies our engagement with both the American public and nurses around the world. We are respectful and proud of our global presence, its importance, and its impact. We understand that many foreign nurses who migrate do so to improve their lives and that of their families. This fact links the moral substance of our work with reality and challenges us to consider what roles we could play to ensure ethical responses to migration practices.


Book Name The Official Guide for Foreign-Educated Nurses
Author of Book Barbara L. Nichols, Catherine Davis
Edition 1st
Language English
Format PDF
Category Nursing Books



Overview of The Official Guide for Foreign-Educated Nurses

The contributors provide a wealth of information on how to approach the challenges of being a foreign-educated nurse in the United States. Nurses can learn what is expected of them, how to prepare for the trip to the United States, and how to adjust to their new communities. The book can help foreign-educated nurses understand the health care system, as well as their rights and roles within that system.

Written in plain and accessible language, the guide will address issues and issues that concern foreign-educated nurses, including living in the United States as a foreign-educated nurse, nursing practice in the United States, and the system of health care in the United States.


Key features

  • Preparing to leave the country of origin
  • The process of entering the US
  • Nursing education in the US
  • Understand the US health care system
  • Job Challenges and Guidelines for Entering the US Workforce
  • Roles, rights, and obligations of foreign-educated nurses
  • Most importantly, this book will help foreign-educated nurses learn how to avoid being misunderstood, build lasting relationships with American colleagues, and join them in working to improve the quality of health care in this country. and all over the world”.


Topics of this Edition

1 Foreign-Educated Nurse in the U.S. Health Care System
2 Preparing to Leave Your Home Country
3 Entry Into the United States
4 Entry Into the U.S. Workforce
5 Employment in the United States
6 The U.S. Health Care System
7 Nursing Practices in the United States
8 Communicating in the U.S. Health Care System
9 Adjusting to a New Community
10 Continuing Your Education
11 Resources at Your Disposal

About the Author

Barbara L. Nichols, DHL, MS, RN, FAAN, is the Executive Director of CGFNS International (Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools), which is an internationally recognized authority on the evaluation and verification of credentials related to education, registration, and bachelor’s degrees for nurses and health professionals around the world.


Catherine R. Davis, Ph.D., RN, is the director of global research and trial administration for CGFNS International. Dr. Davis provides senior leadership for CGFNS’s test development activities, research initiatives, and related publications.



The Official Guide for Foreign-Educated Nurses



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