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The nurse, the math, the meds _ drug calculations using dimensional analysis 3rd Edition PDF Free Download

The book “The nurse, the math, the meds _ drug calculations using dimensional analysis” is written by Joyce L. Mulholland and Susan Turner. Welcome to the third edition of The Nurse, The Math, The Meds. It is designed for nursing students, physician assistant programs, and those who are brushing up on their math skills in their profession. This text presents comprehensive coverage of one method for providing broad reinforcement: dimensional analysis. The use of dimensional analysis offers an easy and systematic method to correctly set up each mathematical problem. Also, all equations can be set up in one step. These two features prevent many common math errors that can result in medication dosage errors.

The text has been updated with the latest medications, drug labels, and illustrations, including intravenous equipment, recommendations from the Joint Commission (TJC), the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP), and the Nurse Safety and Quality Education organizations ( QSEN). A new table of medication errors with clinical implications has been added to the Appendix. Answer keys with constructed answers for all quizzes and tests have been moved to the end of each chapter in this edition for easy access. Both test banks have been revised with additional questions added. A large glossary of drug labels is available online from which you can copy, cut, and paste to create your own questions. New PowerPoint slides have been created for each chapter for instructor use.



Key features

  • Mnemonics throughout the text facilitate memorization and save learning time.
  • Red arrow alerts draw attention to critical math and patient safety theory to increase student awareness of potential errors and patient safety issues.
  • High-risk drug icons serve as visual reminders of high-risk drugs in the text.
  • UNIQUE! Frequently asked questions and answers break up the text, increase comprehension, and provide additional knowledge needed by students studying both inside and outside of the classroom setting.
  • UNIQUE! Ask yourself questions to synthesize and reinforce your understanding of the content.
  • UNIQUE! The communication boxes show examples of nurse-patient and nurse-prescriber dialogues that help reduce medication errors and relate mathematics to medication and clinical application.
  • The multiple-choice review at the end of each chapter provides a multiple-choice format review for NCLEX exam preparation.
  • The final chapter gives you final practice on the material covered throughout the chapter so you can test your understanding of the chapter content.
  • Comprehensive final practice at the end of the text covers the main concepts and provides additional practice for the overall learning assessment.
  • Quick practice exercises follow each new topic introduced in each chapter to encourage and allow drug calculation and math concepts to be completed in a single session.
  • The consistent chapter format gives you a quick overview of the chapter content, including objectives, estimated time to complete the chapter, an introduction, and essential vocabulary.
  • A comprehensive math review section includes a self-assessment test designed to help you identify areas of strength and weakness in basic math proficiency.
  • The early introduction of the dimensional analysis method with basic practical problems in Chapter 2 facilitates the application of the dimensional analysis method to various types of drug-related calculations.
  • TJC and ISMP recommendations help reduce medication errors, increase patient safety, and ensure compliance with agency regulations.
  • Full-color layout, bold printing, boxed material, and ample space to work through practice problems make chapter navigation easy and content mastery more effective.
  • Test tips throughout the text enhance comprehension and improve test-taking skills.
  • Cultural boxes describe selected mathematical notation and cultural practices related to medications to help reduce math-related reading errors while broadening your cultural perspective.
  • Clinically Relevant Boxes broaden your understanding of the medication nurse’s role while motivating interest and raising awareness of safety issues.
  • The website and other applicable references at the end of each chapter offer additional resources to delve into medication-related theory.
  • NEW and UPDATED! The examples in the Dimensional Analysis Method chapter have been revised for clarity with a consistent format of equations.
  • NEW and UPDATED! Practice problems in parenteral nutrition, advanced intravenous calculations, anticoagulants, blood administration, diabetic medications, and pediatrics have been incorporated throughout the text.
  • NEW and UPDATED! Medication labels and photos keep you up to date on the latest medications in use today.
  • NEW and UPDATED! Current medication-related patient safety trends from QSEN, TJC, ISMP, and NLN.
  • NEW! The reorganized answer key places the answers and work to practice problems at the end of each chapter for easy access.


Topics of this Edition

PART I Math Review
PART II Metric System and Medication Calculations
PART III Reconstituted Medications
PART IV Parenteral Medications
PART V Common High-Alert Medications
PART VI Medications for Infants and Children


Overview of The nurse, the math, the meds _ and drug calculations using dimensional analysis

Use the simplicity of the dimensional analysis method to minimize drug calculation errors! The Nurse, The Math, The Meds, 3rd Edition helps you overcome any math anxiety you may have by clearly explaining how to use the dimensional analysis method. It shows how to analyze practical problems, find a reasonable answer, and then evaluate it. But first, it lets you brush up on your math skills with a review of essential math. Written by noted nursing educator Joyce Mulholland, this book offers over 1,400 questions for plenty of practice in mastering math concepts and learning dose calculations.



Book Name The nurse, the math, the meds _ drug calculations using dimensional analysis
Author of Book Joyce L. Mulholland, Susan Turner
Edition 3rd
Language English
Format PDF
Category Nursing Books



The nurse, the math, the meds _ drug calculations using dimensional analysis



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