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The Grammar and Writing Handbook for Lawyers ABA Fundamental Edition PDF Free Download

The book The Grammar and Writing Handbook for Lawyers is written by Lenne Eidson Espenschied. A disturbing trend has emerged in our American culture, and law firms are only beginning to feel its effects. In 1994, the National Council of Teachers of English made a hasty change by declining to include the study of the correct use of English as a subject matter. The unfortunate policy was adopted at all levels of education, both in public and private schools. It began to be implemented in 1995; This means that in 2009 and later law school graduates who matriculated without a gap had virtually no traditional training in the correct use of English during middle school, high school, or college. Although few Americans were aware of the NCTE policy change and even fewer had any idea of ​​the changes it would bring, the effects are becoming increasingly obvious as I write this book in 2010.

Lawyers who were raised with the goals of traditional English are frustrated with lawyers’ lack of understanding of basic and fundamental grammar and writing skills. Employers are furious when they discover that the $150,000-per-year associate they just hired doesn’t know that “independent” isn’t a word. My passion is teaching new lawyers the skills they need to be successful in legal practice, which is why I decided to write this book. I would like to explain some of the other specific goals I have sought to achieve in writing it.


Topics of this Edition

Lesson 1: Parts of Speech
Lesson 2: Verb Properties
Lesson 3: Singular vs. Plural
Lesson 4: Punctuation and Mechanics
Lesson 5: Using Words to Convey Meaning
Lesson 6: Agreement
Lesson 7: Composing Sentences
Lesson 8: Variety in Composing Sentences
Lesson 9: Composing Paragraphs
Lesson 10: Composing a Legal Memorandum
Lesson 11: Faux pas
Lesson 12: Extra Credit for Grammar Maestros

Overview of The Grammar and Writing Handbook for Lawyers

The Grammar and Writing Manual shows you precisely what rules to follow, how to choose the right words, and the most effective way to structure each sentence to help you compose stronger, more persuasive material that is impeccably written. The book includes a brief history of the English language, as well as comprehensive information on everything from singular vs. plural to drafting a legal memorandum.



Book Name The Grammar and Writing Handbook for Lawyers
Author of Book Lenne Eidson Espenschied
Edition N/A
Language English
Format PDF
Category Law Books



The Grammar and Writing Handbook for Lawyers



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