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The Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Laminate

How to save money on laminate as a finishing material? Anything is possible when you approach this issue wisely and pragmatically. Therefore, we strive to equip our homes with quality materials without spending too much money.

What is the difference between premium and inexpensive laminate?

Quality products and name brand products are certainly different from inexpensive materials. They not only have impeccable workmanship and unique textures, but are also environmentally friendly and guaranteed to last up to 20 years. Therefore, the laminate of the expensive segment is relevant for a long time, while the cheap one will have to be replaced after just a few years of active use.

Technical characteristics also play an important role:

  • Typically, to produce high-quality wooden slats, dense HDF boards made from more valuable wood species are used. Thus, greater impact resistance, geometric stability and high mechanical strength are achieved.
  • The composition and resins and phthalates used in the adhesive components can also vary. Cheap laminate often contains cheap adhesives that are harmful to health and can have an unpleasant odor.
  • The quality of the protective coating affects the durability and appearance of the laminate. If the manufacturer skimps on this, then in just a few years you may be disappointed.
  • The quality of the locking systems also plays a big role. The more reliable and high quality they are, the easier the installation and the longer the laminate will be used. High-quality locks prevent the formation of gaps between the tiles over time, which does not spoil the aesthetic appearance of the floor covering.
  • Each decor manufacturer has its own secrets of creating a unique design for your interior.
  • Branded goods from European companies may have a higher cost, but this is justified. Their products and materials undergo multi-level testing for quality and safety. Design and performance are created taking into account the latest technologies.

Premium laminate definition – what is it?

Premium class laminate in Round Rock TX ideally contains all the aspects necessary for the consumer: comfort, beauty, durability and reliability. Every smallest detail is carefully worked out, thanks to advanced developments the product becomes even more perfect, and such goods remain in fashion for a long time.

What about inexpensive laminate?

Not all inexpensive products can be considered low-quality. Good laminates are produced in Russia, and local brands monitor their reputation. In addition, there are decent quality products from China on the domestic market. The main thing is that the manufacturer does not offer counterfeit goods that not only do not meet quality requirements, but can also be harmful to health.

Of course, such a laminate may be less aesthetically pleasing and have worse performance characteristics compared to more expensive models. Famous brands offer collections in various price categories. Internet platforms provide the opportunity to purchase building materials directly from official representatives, which helps to avoid overpayment.

So which laminate should you choose?

Buy laminate flooring that best suits your space. You should not skimp on the quality and environmental safety of the material, as this can lead to negative consequences. There are so many different flooring options on the market that it can be difficult to find the right product on your own. Therefore, it is recommended to seek help from professional consultants from the General Wood Flooring LLC in Austin TX

How to save money and not overpay

Don’t overpay for extra features you don’t need. For example, moisture resistance is not important for the bedroom, nor is high wear resistance. The key factors here are the environmental safety of the material and aesthetic appeal.

If we are talking about the kitchen, bathroom or hallway, you should not skimp on moisture resistance. In such situations, it is recommended to choose vinyl PVC coverings or laminate with additional moisture protection .

Another way to save money is modern locking systems. By using a high-quality lock, you can save money on installation and preparation of the base. The cost of laminate with such a lock may be slightly higher, but this investment will pay off due to savings on installation. You can get more detailed advice from our managers in the General Wood Flooring LLC.

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