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The Common Law #6 Edition PDF Free Download

The book The Common Law is written by Gene Grossman. Peter Sharp’s wife kicked him out of their home (which was actually her property), due to a conflict of their philosophies about legal representation: Peter as a defender of those poor and unfortunate people “wrongfully” accused of crimes, and his wife Myra as prosecutor. with the district attorney’s office, which led to their conviction.
Peter eventually ended up living on a dilapidated old boat in Marina del Rey, and when his former classmate/employer Melvin Braunstein was killed in a plane crash, Peter inherited a failed law firm, an office manager (the twelve-year-old stepdaughter of Melvin, Suzi, a Chinese computer genius) and their huge Saint Bernard. Peter was appointed legal guardian, and through a series of miraculously unraveled mishaps, he ended up living with Suzi and their dog on a beautiful 50-foot trawler yacht on the Grand Banks.


Topics of this Edition

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Overview of The Common Law

Peter Sharp represents a client with amnesia. Not only is he unable to tell Peter his name, but he also has absolutely no recollection of the crime he is accused of committing. Don’t worry: Peter gets video surveillance footage that proves his client’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. As usual, this is one of Peter’s cases that ends up being a conflict with his ex-wife Myra, who is the chief prosecutor of the county. He may also be more involved than before with FBI Special Agent in Charge Bob Snell as they share a dangerous high-speed situation on a winding road. Suzi’s new friend Lotus and her mother also play an interesting role in this adventure as Peter discovers that he is fighting a network of credit card fraud and identity theft experts.



Book Name The Common Law
Author of Book Gene Grossman
Edition 6th
Language English
Format PDF
Category Law Books



The Common Law



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