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The Client-Centered Law Firm: How to Succeed in an Experience-Driven World PDF Free Download

The book The Client-Centered Law Firm: How to Succeed in an Experience-Driven World is written by Jack Newton. FOR OVER 10 years, my goal has been to empower attorneys to spend more time and energy doing what they love: practicing law. I have spent many hours talking to attorneys, legal professionals, regulators, consultants, and IT professionals about what law firms need to be successful. I was also lucky enough to witness a massive shift in the legal industry, with companies migrating to the cloud and becoming more data-driven.
But the change is not coming fast enough. Over the years, a persistent theme has come to my attention: Most attorneys and law firms do not prioritize product-market fit between their services and their clients. Some do, and countless leading legal thinkers have been talking about it for years, but the vast majority don’t think about how their overall services are tailored to client needs. The opportunity for the legal industry to not only survive but thrive depends on our ability to strengthen the product market fit between attorneys and consumers of legal services.


Topics of this Edition

Introduction: The Client-Centered Revolution
1 The Age of Experience
Expectation Osmosis
Meeting Versus Exceeding Expectations
A Buyer’s Market
Experience Is King
2 Unlocking the Latent Legal Market
Law Is Not a Zero-Sum Game
A Short History of the Latent Legal Market
The Latent Legal Market Today
Pre-Emptive Adaptation
Accessing the Latent Legal Market
3 The Time Is Now
Lawyers Aren’t Different
The Risk of Being Too Risk Averse
Increasing Competition
Time to Act
Becoming a Legal Changemaker
4 Don’t Put Your Clients First
Client-First or Client-Centered?
The Client-Centered Law Firm
Turning the Flywheel
How to Not Put Your Clients First
Figuring Out What Your Clients Want
Giving Your Clients What They Want
The Power of Being at the Center
5 The Value of Experience
The Commodification of Legal Services
Experience as a Product
Legal Deliverable + Legal Experience = One Product
Your Clients Don’t Want a Will
The Elements of a Good Legal Experience
Building Trust
Minimizing Friction
Providing a Consistent Product
6 The Client-Centered Law Firm
The Five Values of a Client-Centered Law Firm
1. Develop Deep Client Empathy
2. Practice Attentiveness
3. Generate Ease with Communication
4. Demand Effortless Experiences
5. Create Clients for Life
Think Outside the Billable Hour
Client-Centered, Tech Savvy
Cultivating a Client-Centered Mindset
7 Experiencing Your Law Firm
A Tale of Two Law Firms
The Client Journey
Continuing the Client Lifecycle
8 Mapping the Client’s Journey
What Makes a Map?
Stages of the Client Journey to Consider
How to Create a Client Journey Map
1. Involve a Cross-Functional Team
2. Think About Whose Journey You’re Mapping
3. Take an Inventory of Touchpoints
4. Find Out What Your Client’s Experience Is at Each Touchpoint
5. Revisit and Revise
A Client’s Journey
1. Awareness
2. Research
3. Consultation
4. Decision
5. During a Case
6. Billing and Payment
7. Review and Referral
8. Retention
Putting the Client Experience Under a Microscope
9 On Empathy
Empathy and the Legal Profession
Empathy for the Whole Client Experience
Empathy in the Right Place at the Right Time
Communication Best Practices
Communicate Clearly
Be Mindful of Perception
Remember the Importance of First Impressions
Knowing What Your Clients Want
10 Designing Your Client-Centered Law Firm
Design Thinking and Jobs to Be Done
Steps to Designing for a Better Client Experience
1. Review Your Customer Journey Map
2. Gather Information
Asking Good Questions
3. Define the Problem
4. Brainstorm Solutions
5. Design a Process Prototype
6. Test
7. Implement
8. Repeat and Iterate
Start Somewhere
11 Shifting to a Client-Centered Culture
The Five Values of a Client-Centered Law Firm, Reapplied
Develop Deep Empathy
Practice Attentiveness
Generate Ease with Communication
Demand Effortless Experiences
Create Advocates for Life
Getting Others Involved
Redefining Who You Are
Making Change Stick
Communicate Change Early
Put Your People at the Center
Make Important Information Stick
Make Training Interactive
Advocate for Ongoing Support
A Lasting Commitment to Change
12 Measuring Success
Getting Feedback
Feedback from Your Clients
Feedback from Staff and Colleagues
The Value of Data
Client Satisfaction Metrics
NPS (Net Promoter Score)
CES (Customer Effort Score)
CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score)
Leading and Lagging Indicators
Benchmarking, Analyzing Data and Interpreting Results
Becoming Data-Driven
13 Closing the Loop
Responding to Feedback
Making Clients Feel Heard
Sharing Existing Solutions
Making Incremental Improvements
Planning for the Future
Acting on Data Insights
On Anecdotal Feedback
Implementing Change, Again
Measuring, Again
Closing the Loop and Turning the Flywheel
Conclusion: The Law Firm of the Future


Overview of The Client-Centered Law Firm: How to Succeed in an Experience-Driven World

In The Client-Centric Law Firm, legal tech expert Jack Newton offers a clear and timely insight into how providing a client-centric experience and running an efficient, profitable law firm are not opposing ideas. With this approach, they boost each other. Covering the what, why, and how to run a client-focused practice, with examples of law firms leading this revolution, as well as practical strategies for implementation, The Client-Centered Law Firm is a call to join. to unlock the huge latent demand in the legal sector. market by providing customer-centric experiences, improving internal processes, and elevating results.



Book Name The Client-Centered Law Firm: How to Succeed in an Experience-Driven World
Author of Book Jack Newton
Edition N/A
Language English
Format PDF
Category Law Books



The Client-Centered Law Firm: How to Succeed in an Experience-Driven World



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