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Telegram is not Connecting Problem – 100% Solution

If you are looking for How to fix Telegram not working and keep connecting, then after reading this post you don’t have a need to go anywhere else to find the answer of why telegram is not working on android phone and how to solve it.

If you’re tired to read and watch clear telegram caches, re-install applications so on. But we are going to discuss only one method.


How to Solve Telegram is not connecting

Here is a really simple method just follow these simple steps one by one.

As you can see in the image highlighted with rec circle, the telegram is kept showing connecting but not working. In this case, telegrams still connecting but do not get connected properly and update the messages.

Telegram not connecting 1



Step 1

First of all, if you want to connect to telegram then you need to download the application on your smartphone. If you are an android user you can download it here and if you are an Apple user can find any good VPN from the apple play store.


Super vpn





Step 2

Open the Application and select any country. I recommend selecting the USA as you can see in the given below image.


app image





Step 3

Now tap or click on the connect button and you will see the given below image once the VPN is nected. (this is not a sponsor app you may use any good alternative of your own choice we just need to connect with another proxy.




Step 4

Now open your telegram app and you can see your telegram is connected and you started getting messages of groups, chat conversations etc.

See in the image.


telegram now working






Check also you to download telegram videos and files with download manager




This is a really simple method you can try other methods. Use this method in case other methods do not work, but this is 100% working method. If you found this post useful then don’t forget to share and comment. Stay Happy 🙂





How to Fix Telegram Not Connecting or Working







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