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Role Practitioner Development for the Nurse (2nd Ed.) Free PDF Download

The book Role Practitioner Development for the Nurse is written by Julie G. Stewart, Susan M. DeNisco. Educating colleagues, family, and friends about what a nurse practitioner is and does have been an important and frequently needed topic since the day I applied to graduate school, so this book was a natural fit for me.

According to the Author: Fast forward to the intensive care unit where I enjoyed providing comprehensive care to critically ill patients and supporting their loved ones. I loved being an intensive care nurse. After numerous years in that arena, it was time for a change. The hospital hired a nurse practitioner to lead our employee health department. I found it fascinating that a nurse could be my doctor! So I went to graduate school to become a family nurse practitioner. It was hard, but I remember it clearly; however, I also remember very well the night we began the history taking and physical evaluation. This was my “Aha!” moment. I drove home excited that I had finally found my professional role.


Book Name Role Practitioner Development for the Nurse
Author of Book Julie G. Stewart, Susan M. DeNisco
Edition 2nd
Language English
Format PDF
Category Nursing Books



Overview of Role Practitioner Development for the Nurse

Role Development for the Nurse Practitioner, Second Edition is a comprehensive text that guides students in their transition from the role of a registered nurse to a nurse practitioner. The text provides a comprehensive framework for interactive discussions of the role of the nurse practitioner, giving students a comprehensive understanding of the skills and knowledge required for this dynamic profession. The text employs a variety of real-world stories from nurse practitioners to illustrate important points and aid in the transition from RN to NP. Through in-depth coverage of fundamental concepts and skills for the nurse practitioner, the authors provide a solid foundation for the role, exploring topics such as nursing practice as a single theory of practice.


Key features

Seminar questions at the end of each chapter Stories from nurses Alignment with Masters and DNP Essentials Resources for instructors Program Transition guide Case studies Discussion questions Test bank PowerPoint slides Instructor manual.


Topics of this Edition

PART 1 Scientific Underpinning of the Nurse Practitioner Role
CHAPTER 1 Historical Perspectives: The Art and Science of Nurse Practitioner Julie G. Stewart
PART 2 The Nurse Practitioner–Patient Relationship
CHAPTER 2 Family-Focused Clinical Practice: Considerations for the Nurse Practitioner Susan M. DeNisco
CHAPTER 3 Vulnerable Populations Susan M. DeNisco and Julie G. Stewart
CHAPTER 4 Mental Health and Primary Care: A Critical Intersection Brandi Parker Cotton
CHAPTER 5 Cultural Sensitivity and Global Health Michelle A. Cole and Christina B. Gunther
PART 3 Clinical Education for the Nurse Practitioner
CHAPTER 6 Clinical Education, Case Presentation, Consultation, and Collaboration in Primary Care Julie G. Stewart, Susan M. DeNisco, Michelle Johnson, and Holly B. Bradley
CHAPTER 7 Evidence-Based Practice Kerry Milner
CHAPTER 8 Clinical Prevention/Community and Population Health Julie G. Stewart
CHAPTER 9 Electronic Health Record and Impact on Healthcare Outcomes Stephen C. Burrows
CHAPTER 10 Palliative Care and Chronic Disease Management Marylou Siefert, Jean Boucher, and Elizabeth Ercolano
PART 4 The Professional Nurse Practitioner
CHAPTER 11 Concepts of the Professional Julie G. Stewart
CHAPTER 12 Health Policy and the Nurse Practitioner Julie A. Koch
CHAPTER 13 Quality, Safety, and Prescriptive Authority Julie G. Stewart, Linda S. Morrow, and Tammy A. Testut
CHAPTER 14 Mentoring Julie G. Stewart
CHAPTER 15 Reimbursement for Nurse Practitioner Services Lynn Rapsilber
CHAPTER 16 Professional Employment Julie G. Stewart and Susan M. DeNisco



Role Practitioner Development for the Nurse



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