What is Google Ads strike-based system 2021 and It’s purpose

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What is Google Ads strike-based system and what are effects of this new announcement by Google?

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Basically, this is a new announcement for Google advertisers. Google advertisers mean those who use good ad service and run their ads through google and pay to google for it. According to Google, They are going to start a new strike-base system for those who repeat after repeat violates Google Ads policies.

This service will start in September 2021.

Working will begin implementing the strike-based system on September 21, 2021, which will gradually formulate the following policies over a period of 3 months: Dishonesty, Unauthorized Substances, Guns, Gun Parts Activity and Related Products, Explosives, other Google ads and tobacco. Over time, the policy coverage of the strike-based system will be expanded to include additional policies and advertisers will be notified whenever new policies are introduced under the strike-based system.


What is the effect of this change?

This announcement will affect only those who are advertisers so website owners, bloggers and content writers. To help ensure a safe and positive experience for users, Google needs to comply with Google Advertising Policies. As part of Google’s ad enforcement system, Google will begin issuing strikes to advertisers, including email notifications and account notifications to encourage compliance and prevent repeat violations of our policies.

Violation of an advertiser’s first policy will only result in a warning. But advertisers will earn their first strike if we find out that our policies are constantly being violated. Advertisers will be able to get a maximum of three strikes, and the fines imposed with each strike will gradually increase. Individuals with a temporary account will apply for the first and second strikes (3 and 7 days respectively) while the third strike will result in the suspension of the account.

An advertisement placed on a temporary account hold will be required to submit an acknowledgement form to correct violations in question and resume advance advertisements. Following this acknowledgement, their account will be released from the temporary account hold state 3 days after the first strike or 7 days after the second strike. Advertisers can also appeal a strike decision if they believe it was issued in error. Advertising service will start immediately after the successful appeal of the strike. Accounts will be maintained temporarily if no action has been taken to recognize or appeal the strike-through advertising. The strikes will remain on Google Advertising account for 90 days until they are successfully appealed.


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