Is Profile Backlinks Still have worth in SEO?

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The question is that should we still create profile backlinks? Is there still worth it? Or google avoid these profile backlinks?

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Before know about profile backlinks current worth we need to understand basically what does mean profile link?

What are the profile backlinks?

Profile backlinks in the name refer to placing your website backlinks in a public profile that you create on the platform by signing up for free.


Backlink profiles are the various connections that instant visitors make to your site. Backlink profiles also qualify other connectivity features, regardless of the number of backlinks.


Pros of profile backlinks

Profile backlinks help Google crawl your website faster:

One of the first and best benefits of profile backlinks can be,

With profile backlinks, if your website is brand new, it helps Google crawlers and bots to visit your website faster and crawl your website sooner.

Profile backlinks help your website to be crawled and indexed faster by Google bots among millions of websites on the Internet.

There are some websites on the Internet where Google regularly crawls and indexes new things, such as websites to find new information,

If you link to your website on such platforms, your website will be indexed faster.

Profile backlinks can increase EAT

Another benefit you have with profile backlinks is that it can help you improve your EAT.
EAT means experience, authority and reliability.
When you’re new to online business, blogging, and content creation,

It is difficult for Google to trust the content of your website, the reliability of the information, and you as the author and owner of the website.
In this situation,

Profile backlinks help you get that initial boost by letting Google’s bots and algorithm know that you not only have a website presence, but are active on certain platforms.

By being active on certain platforms and connecting your profile to your website,

By adding value to users on different platforms, Google sees this as a sign that this type is present on other platforms, so it is established,

He is sharing information and adding value and helping others means he knows something about the subject and is an expert on it rather than being a newbie. There is a difference between being established, having experience, and the experience Google wants us to have rather than just being a newbie to the industry.
Of course, creating backlinks from authoritative websites is the number one way to establish EAT in Google’s eyes, but profile backlinks are one of the few ways you can establish that EAT was initially required for your website.
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This will help in the initial momentum of your website and will aid in the recognition of your website as more established in Google.

Profile backlinks can help diversify the link profile of your website.

One of the great things about profile backlinks is that it provides diversification of your website’s backlink profile.
The backlink profile of your website will look more natural with the addition of profile links.
The ideal and natural link profile of any website will contain the following links,

All kinds of links, including profiling forums and quality directory listings. Some spam links from bots. Some high-quality, natural backlinks built organically from relevant websites with natural anchor texts. If you have a lot of quality links with less or no bad links or from some domains,

It would seem that you are practising PBN or any linking scheme, or if the speed of quality links is fast then,

It would seem unnatural to Google for the website to get a lot of quality links in less time, unless,

Something extraordinary happens, like showing up on an authority website or going viral with content.

On top of that, this will leave a manual action and penalty on your Google website.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to add profile backlinks to your website to maintain or,

Build your website link profile diversification, which is the natural process of having a pure website link profile.

This will make your website’s backlink profile look more natural and trustworthy to Google, as variation in anchor text can reduce your chances of receiving a Google penalty.

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