How to Get AdSense approve on Free pdf book website?

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I have a website related to free pdf books and I want to know how to approve AdSense on Free PDF BOOK based website? I applied 2 times google AdSense reply due to copyright issue my website can’t be approved for ad showing service? So is there any way to get approve AdSense on eBooks site?

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It was a time when google demand only one website for approval and after getting Adsense approval you can add any website without approval and review. But Since 2017 – 2018 google Adsense always review every new website before showing ads.

Now google become more restricted and google doesn’t approve any website who deal with copyright content.

Here is clearly mentioned by google

adsense policy about copyright contentadsense policy about copyright content

How to Get Approved for PDF E-book Site:

  • I recommend you to first you should post 20 to 30 articles that contain a minimum of 600 words. It would be better if there are 1000+ words.
  • If you have a new domain then apply after 3 months so your domain can be indexed in google.
  • After getting approval you can put your desired data.
  • Try to drive organic traffic to your website. In some cases, organic traffic also becomes the cause to get approval.
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