After How Many Days Blogger Active SSL (https) on Custom Domain?

It is noted that blogger provides free SSL Certificate on Custom Domain but how to set up and How many days it takes to active Free SSL on the custom domain by Blogspot?

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Free SSL Certificate (https) on Blogspot (Blogger)

Most of the beginner wants to know about this question I shall try to cover all your question in one answer. First of all SSL Certificate (HTTPS) is now SEO factor for ranking. Blogger by default provides a free certificate.

There are four main methods to activate SSL on Blogger.


01- SSL by Hosting

If you are using hosting then SSL is free provided by the hosting provider’s companies. And when you activate the HTTPS on blogger it will activate after few minutes.

02- SSL by Domain providers:

You can also request your domain provider to active SSL service on your domain. They charge few amounts monlthy or annually on it. So in this way you can use HTTPS on blogger easily.


03- HTTPS by suing Cloudflare:

This is totally free method you can use Cloudflare service on your domain to active HTTPS on Blogspot. Here is the complete guide

04- Blogger HTTPS:

If you want to enable HTTPS free without Cloudflare then this method will be good for you. When you point a custom domain to a blogger and your domain does not have an SSL service then the blogger will provide you free HTTPS Service but in this case you need patience. After a few days or weeks, the blogger will automatically provide you  HTTPS service.

settings >>HTTPS availability>> Status: Available

https on blogger custom domain
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