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PDF Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing for Canadian Practice 4th Edition

Psychiatric and mental health nursing for Canadian practice 4th edition PDF Free is going to discuss in this blog post and you can download the Free PDF file of Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing for Canadian Practice 4th Edition. After the 3rd Edition of this superb nursing book now the latest version is available for nursing students for educational purposes. Meet the challenges of mental health nursing in Canada and around the world. Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing for Canadian Practice, Fourth Edition, Fundamentals of Mental Health, adapted to the unique challenges of Canadian health care and completely revised to reflect the changing field of mental health. And the general level of skills is your key to mastery. Nursing Gain the knowledge you need to provide quality psychological and mental health care to a diverse population.

In the fourth edition of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing for Canadian Practice by Dr. Wendy Austin, we are pleased to continue our efforts to present a Canadian perspective on psychiatric and mental health (PMH) nursing. We have included in this edition the 2015 Mental Health and Addiction Entry-to-Practice Competencies for Undergraduate Nursing Education in Canada to emphasize the expectation in Canada that all nurses are prepared to care for individuals and families who have experienced experiences of mental health problems and disorders It is also recognized that it may be necessary to consult with nurses with specialized training in PMH nursing.

Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing for Canadian Practice 4th Edition

Increasingly, it is recognized that physical and mental health are not separate entities. Chapter 9 of this textbook, Biological Basis of Practice, should convince even sceptics of that reality. We continue to address our understanding of PMH care with advances occurring in line with our national mental health strategy under the guidance of the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC). The evolution from a recovery orientation to care has been a breakthrough. Nurses and other health professionals have a broader perspective on what constitutes recovery and focus on strengths, resources, and rights, which are determined by culturally safe practices.

Trauma-informed care is also essential to good practice. That we must approach all people in our care with an understanding of trauma and its effects and consciously incorporate the principles of safety and choice is recognized throughout Canadian health care services. Implications for nursing care of historical trauma are presented in this issue. Chapter 3, The Context of Mental Health Care: Cultural, Socioeconomic and Geographic, addresses the historical trauma of Aboriginal peoples in Canada.

In this chapter, we respond to the Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s call to action to educate nursing students about the history and legacy of residential schools by focusing on their significant and ongoing impact on mental health. Further understanding of trauma can be found in Chapter 17, Trauma- and Stress-Related Disorders, Crises, and Disasters. This edition also presents the latest developments in nursing care for the most prevalent of all mental disorders, although preventable: addiction. Its burden on our society remains uncertain. At press time, opioid use is at epidemic proportions, causing unprecedented loss of life, and our governments are working to create wise and comprehensive laws to regulate marijuana use.

Key Features 

Here are the following Key features of psychiatric and mental health nursing for Canadian practice 

  • Chapters open with learning objectives, key terms, and key concepts that point students to the material they will encounter.
  • The Best Practice Research boxes focus on specific studies, primarily Canadian, that contribute to improving nursing practice in the care of PMH. The selected studies reflect the wide range of research methods used to inform practice.
  • The In-a-Life feature illustrates how the chapter topic has shaped or developed in a particular person’s life.
  • Therapeutic dialogues encourage the comparison of therapeutic and non-therapeutic communication by providing relevant examples of both.
  • Medication Profile boxes present a profile of specific psychotropic medications commonly prescribed in the treatment of mental disorders.
  • The Psychoeducation Checklists identify content areas for the education of people with specific disorders and their families.
  • The Key Points Summary summarizes the core content of the chapter for easy assimilation and review.
  • Web links connect to sites relevant to the chapter content, including key documents, professional practice organizations, and national and international institutions and groups, such as the Government of Canada, the International Council of Nurses, and the World Health Organization.

Chapters of 4th Edition:

UNIT 1: Contemporary Canadian Mental Health Care
UNIT 2: Foundations of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing Practice
UNIT 3: Interventions in Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing Practice
UNIT 4: Challenges to Mental Health
UNIT 5: Care and Recovery for Persons With a Psychiatric Disorder
UNIT 6: Mental Health Across the Lifespan
UNIT 7: Care of Persons With Additional Vulnerabilities
Appendix A Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale
Appendix B Simpson-Angus Rating Scale
Appendix C Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale (AIMS)
Appendix D Simplified Diagnoses for Tardive Dyskinesia (SD-TD)
Appendix E Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression
Appendix F Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment of Alcohol Scale, Revised


Book Name Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing for Canadian Practice 
Author of Book Dr. Wendy Austin and others
Edition Fourth Edition
Language English
Format PDF
Category Nursing Books




Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing for Canadian Practice

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