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Plain English for Lawyers 6th Edition PDF Free Download

The book Plain English for Lawyers is written by Richard Wydick, and Amy Sloan. Richard Wydick made Plain English for Lawyers a classic book for teaching clear legal writing. Professor Wydick passed away in 2016. I am honored to have the opportunity to review and update the book. My goal with the sixth edition is to continue Professor Wydick’s vision of providing a concise and practical guide to clear legal writing. This edition retains the essential character of the previous editions. Readers familiar with the book will find its structure and focus similar to previous editions, with some timely changes to keep it relevant to the writing challenges facing lawyers and law students today. Those readers new to the book will find that it contains practical advice and exercises, making it an excellent choice as an instructional text, writing supplement, or resource for self-directed efforts to improve your writing.

In January 2005, the Legal Writing Institute awarded Wydick its Golden Pen Award for writing in plain language for lawyers. The Legal Writing Institute is a nonprofit organization that provides a discussion forum and scholarship on legal writing, analysis, and research. The Institute has more than 1,300 members representing all ABA-accredited law schools in the United States. Its membership also includes law professors from other nations, professors of English, and practicing lawyers.


Topics of this Edition

  • CHAPTER ONE: Why Plain English?
  • CHAPTER TWO: Omit Surplus Words
  • CHAPTER THREE: Use Verbs to Express Action
  • CHAPTER FOUR: Prefer the Active Voice
  • CHAPTER FIVE: Use Short Sentences
  • CHAPTER SIX: Arrange Your Words Carefully
  • CHAPTER SEVEN: Choose Your Words Carefully
  • CHAPTER EIGHT: Use Commas Carefully
  • CHAPTER NINE: Use Other Punctuation Marks Carefully
  • CHAPTER TEN: Use Easy-to-Read Design Techniques


Overview of Plain English for Lawyers

The National Jurist featured Plain English for Lawyers in its August 2021 list of “Three Books to Read During Law School”, saying, “This one speaks for itself. The book is a quick hit of information – it provides helpful advice.” to enhance your legal experience. writing while familiarizing you with many of the terms of the art that you are likely to see in the future as a legal professional.”

Simple English for Lawyers has been a favorite of law students, legal writing teachers, attorneys, and judges for nearly 40 years. The sixth edition, now co-authored with Amy Sloan, updates this classic text, including exercises in new chapters, while retaining all the approaches that make it a standard in the field. It’s still (just in size!) a small book, small and palatable enough not to intimidate overburdened law students.



Book Name Plain English for Lawyers
Author of Book Richard Wydick, Amy Sloan
Edition 6th
Language English
Format PDF
Category Law Books



Plain English for Lawyers



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