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Pharmacology for Nurses 2nd Edition PDF Free

Pharmacology for Nurses 2nd Edition PDF Free by Diane Pacitti, Blaine T. Smith is one of the best books. Pharmacology for Nurses advances understanding through a variety of strategies that meet the learning needs of students while generating enthusiasm for the subject. This interactive approach addresses different learning styles, making it the ideal text to ensure mastery of key concepts. Pharmacology for Nurses is a serious attempt to provide a fundamentally sound but fast learning foundation from which to teach nursing pharmacology courses. It was created to provide an alternative pharmacology textbook for nurses to those previously available. There is a tendency for nursing pharmacology textbooks to be too complex or too simplified for the needs of nursing students. This is not to say that comprehensive pharmacology textbooks are not valuable.

It is a simple fact of the education paradigm that pharmacology should be a component of nursing education, but there is not enough time to delve into the details of each topic during the regular curriculum. Therefore, the authors recognized the need for a “basic” pharmacology textbook that not only provides a solid foundation for nurses but also supports the realities of course limitations found in any curriculum. studies. The textbook is divided into three main sections.

The first section provides the background information necessary for the student to become comfortable with both how pharmacology fits into professional nursing and the mathematical foundation upon which subsequent sections are based. The second section is intended to provide basic pharmacology and is organized by organ or physiological system.

The reader’s prior understanding of physiology is generally assumed, so review of physiology is minimized to more directly address common drug receptor systems used for medical interventions. The third section is devoted to physiological systems that, although encountered regularly in practice, are not considered primary systems. offer a non-intimidating presentation of the topic. We hope that this instills a real interest in seeking deeper pharmacological education, as situations inevitably arise in daily professional nursing practice.

About Author:

Blaine Templar Smith, RPh, PhD, earned bachelor’s degrees in chemistry and pharmacy and a doctorate in pharmaceutical sciences (with an emphasis in nuclear pharmacy and immunology) from the University of Oklahoma. Dr. Smith is a registered pharmacist in both Oklahoma and Massachusetts, practicing in a wide range of settings, including inpatients, long-term care facilities, independent and chain retail pharmacies, and Health Service clinics and hospitals. Indigenous.

He completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Oklahoma Genome Sequencing Center, participating in the Human Genome Project. Dr. Smith has served on the faculty of the University of Oklahoma School of Pharmacy and the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Worcester; faculty member and chair of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Saint Joseph University School of Pharmacy; and a visiting fellow at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

He has written, edited, and published reference books and textbooks related to the fields of medicine, pharmacy, pharmacy, physical pharmacy, nuclear pharmacy, immunology, molecular biology, diagnostic imaging, and nursing. In addition, he provides online education (both live and asynchronous) and continuing education in the health profession for health care professional licensing requirements.

More About Pharmacology for Nurses

Pharmacology for Nurses, Second Edition teaches undergraduate nursing students the basics of pharmacology. The text focuses on the critical information you need to know and is based on the contributing authors’ experience in the field of nursing. It takes a new approach to teach the complex subject of pharmacology through concise and digestible material coverage, an easy-to-read layout, and the use of images and tables to reinforce content.

This text is also intended as a reference for other nursing courses and as part of the nurse’s permanent reference library. Pharmacology for Nurses, Second Edition has been written to reflect real-world clinical applications. The features cover the basic concepts of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics as explained in relation to clinical practice.

Patient and drug variables, as well as drug interactions and effects, are also thoroughly explored in conjunction with medication administration. New in the second edition: New case studies and discussion questions Nursing best practices and process sections in each chapter Expanded content on the endocrine system with diabetes coverage Revised chapter on cardiovascular medications.


Book Name Pharmacology for Nurses
Author of Book Blaine Templar Smith
Edition Second Edition
Language English
Format PDF
Category Nursing Books



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