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Pharmaceutical Pelletization Technology Pdf Free

Pharmaceutical Pelletization Technology: This book is written by Isaac Ghebre-Selassie. You can download it freely in pdf format. This book serves as a formulation and processing guide during the development of pelleted dosage forms. It provides the pharmaceutical technologist with background information on the design aspects of relevant processing equipment.

The current moment is considered an era of advances in drug delivery systems. Pelletizing is one of the novel drug delivery techniques that provides an efficient way to deliver the drug in a modified pattern. These granular dosage forms have since gained significant popularity due to their various benefits, such as easy filling of capsules due to the higher flow properties of the superbly spherical granules; improvement of drug dissolution; ease of coating; sustained, controlled, or site-specific delivery of drug from coated granules; uniform packaging; including distribution within the GI tract; and less gastrointestinal irritation. Pelletizing may be a new drug delivery system; a method that converts fine powder particles into granules. It is advantageous to provide drug delivery at a specific site. medication with an unpleasant taste, poor bioavailability, and a short biological half-life is effectively administered via granules. Different techniques are used to manufacture the granules. The objective of this review is to discuss the pellets, their characterizations, the different pelletization techniques, and also the polymers with the potential to be appropriate for the formulation of pellets.


Book Name Pharmaceutical Pelletization Technology Pdf Free
Author of Book Isaac Ghebre-Selassie
Edition 1st
Language English
Format PDF
Category Pharmaceuticals Books


Overview of Pharmaceutical Pelletization Technology Pdf Free

According to Isaac Ghebre-Selassie,  pellets are represented as agglomerates that are created from different types of raw materials. Specifically, with regard to the pharmaceutical sector, pellets are defined as agglomerates of fine powders or granules made up of drugs and pharmaceutical excipients. Granules range in size generally between 0.5 and 1.5 mm and are highly preferred for the oral route of drug administration 1, 2. Granules are defined as small, spherical or hemispherical free-flowing solid units, typically about 0.5mm to 1.5mm, and generally intended for oral administration, manufactured from agglomerates of fine powders or granules of bulk drugs and excipients using acceptable processing instrumentation. The pellets are prepared in several ways, the compaction and layering of drugs the most used at present.
Granules provide a greater degree of flexibility in appearance and development of oral forms of indefinite quantity. they will be divided into totally different dose concentrations without method changes and may deliver incompatible biologically active agents all at once or particles with different release profiles to the same or different sites of the gastrointestinal tract. Granules are multiple unit dosage forms that can be developed into suspensions, capsules, or disintegrating tablets. Multiple unit systems have significant benefits over single-unit systems. they are less dependent on the evacuation of viscera when they are placed next to forms of the indefinite quantity of a single unit. thanks to its resistance to the pyloric sphincter in a simple way, which minimizes intra-subject variability and the drop in channel transit time. The pellets exhibit high active ingredient loading capacity without producing intensive massive particles. The pellet area unit is less prone to dose discharge when placed next to single-unit systems. The granules are simply coated due to their spherical shape and low surface-to-volume ratio, so no additional coating material is needed to fill in surface irregularities.

Topics of this Edition

  • Pellets: A General Overview
  • Conventional and Specialized Coating Pans
  • Fluid Bed Equipment
  • Extrusion and Spheronizing Equipment
  • Centrifugal Equipment
  • Mechanism of Pellet Formation and Growth
  • Solution and Suspension Layering
  • Dry Powder Layering
  • Extrusion and Spheronization Technology
  • Formulation Variables
  • Evaluation and Characterization of Pellets



Pharmaceutical Pelletization Technology Pdf Free



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