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Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms Tablets, Vol. 2, 2nd Edition Pdf Free

Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms Tablets, Vol. 2: This book is written by Lieberman and Herbert A. You can download it freely in pdf format. Several years have passed since the first editions of Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms: Tablets, Volumes 13 were published. Advances in the science and technology of tablet formulation, processing, and testing are reflected in the updated, revised, and expanded the second edition of Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms: Tablets, Volumes 13. volumes.

Tablets remain the most widely used drug delivery system in the pharmaceutical industry. This fact, as well as its use in medical conditions ranging from the simplest to the most serious, are factors that make the pharmaceutical scientist a very important part of the health care team. Because of both the importance of tablets in medical practice and their many different types, aspects of formulation, scaling, production, and quality control are continually changing and improving. As a consequence, the second edition of this three-volume treatise on tablets is now timely.


Book Name Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms Tablets, Vol. 2
Author of Book Lieberman, and  Herbert A
Edition 2nd
Language English
Format PDF
Category Pharmaceuticals Books


Overview of Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms Tablets, Vol. 2 Pdf Free

According to Lieberman, and Herbert A, Volume 1 covers the many different types of tablet products, their formulations, and manufacturing methods, ie wet and dry granulation and direct compression. Volume 2 addresses the various pharmaceutical unit processes involved in tablet manufacturing, as well as tablet characteristics, testing methods, and bioavailability. Volume 3 deals with special tablet processes such as coating, particular functions such as controlled release, and manufacturing issues such as pilot plant, validation, production operating procedures, as well as kinetics and control. quality.

When the first edition was published, its purpose was to collect the information on tablets that had gradually appeared in the pharmaceutical literature so that the subject would be comprehensive and useful to both novices and experienced tablet technicians. The goals of this second edition are to update the extensive collection that made up the first edition and expand it to include the latest technology and references. Although technology and equipment change rapidly, basic scientific principles do not, and these themes have largely been retained.

Each type of tablet requires special formulation techniques; each of the unit operations is involved with specific scientific principles; each subject related to the production of tablets requires specific experience and knowledge; therefore, a treatise of this magnitude requires very knowledgeable authors for the many areas covered. Therefore, a multi-author text was chosen as the preferred way of imparting the knowledge necessary to achieve the publishers’ desired goals. For this, we seek the help of experts in each of the different topics that appear. Authors were selected based on their scientific background, years of experience in a particular topic, and recognized achievements in their fields. A stated goal for the authors was to combine basic scientific facts with their own current, practical experiences so that the reader could learn how to do what the authors do.

Topics of this Edition

Contents of Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms: Tablets, Second Edition Volumes 1 and 3
Contents of Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms: Parenteral Medications, Volumes 1 and 2
Contents of Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms: Disperse Systems, Volumes 1 and 2
The Mixing Process
Sampling and Statistics of Mixing
Material Properties: Basic Concepts of Dry BlendingThe Unit Particle
Mixing Equipment
Mixing Problems
Scale-Up and Mixer Selection



Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms Tablets, Vol. 2, 2nd Edition Pdf Free



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