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Pharmaceutical Coating Technology: This book is written by Michael Aulton, Graham Cole, and John Hogan. You can download it freely in pdf format. The modern coating technique has developed over the years from the use of sugar to provide a pleasant taste and attractive appearance to tablets that were unpleasant to swallow due to their bitterness. There are, of course, many forms of coating that have a special function (such as enteric coating to delay the release of ‘Could you tell me please,’ said Alice, a bit sheepishly, ‘why are you painting those roses?’ Five and Seven said nothing but looked at Two. Two began, in a low voice, ‘Well, the fact is, you see, Miss, this here should have been a red rose bush, and we put a white one nearby. If the Queen finds out, we should all have our heads chopped off, you know?’ Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland Page 2 the drug until it reaches the intestine), but here we will examine the simple case. First of all, to answer the question “Why are tablets coated?” Various reasons can be suggested, some not as obvious as others: This is not an exhaustive list, but it does suggest several good reasons for coating tablets. This book contains sections on modern pharmaceutical coating materials and processes, which can be divided into three main groups and one minor section: These processes and equipment selection and evaluation will be discussed in detail.

Some chemical engineering unit operations will also be used to illustrate the differences between types of equipment. There are several other historical coating processes, such as bead coating and pellet coating, which will not be discussed here. In addition, some of the more fundamental aspects of film coating are covered, for example, an examination of the properties of coating solutions and suspensions, a detailed examination of the atomization stage, an explanation of the surface interactions that occur between the coating liquid and the substrate. (essential for understanding film wetting and adhesion), and a discussion of the mechanical properties and general quality (with regard to roughness and defects, in particular) of the resulting layers.


Book Name Pharmaceutical Coating Technology
Author of Book Michael Aulton, Graham Cole, and John Hogan
Language English
Format PDF
Category Pharmaceuticals Books


Overview of Pharmaceutical Coating Technology Pdf Free

According to Michael Aulton, Graham Cole, and John Hogan, historical perspective Sugar coating was borrowed heavily from the confectionery industry, which had developed this technique over the centuries and is still widely used today. The pharmaceutical industry concentrated on using the open bowl-shaped copper tray, which has been largely replaced by stainless steel. It was not uncommon for as many as
  • The core contains a substance that imparts a bitter taste in the mouth or has an unpleasant odor.
  • The core contains a substance that is unstable in the presence of light and subject to atmospheric oxidation, that is, a coating is added to improve stability.
  • The core is pharmaceutically inelegant.
  • The active ingredient is colored and easily migrates to stain the patient’s clothing and hands.
  • The coated tablet is packed in a high-speed packaging unit. The coating reduces friction and increases the production rate.
  • To modify the drug release profile, e.g. enteric coating, sustained release coating, osmotic pumps, etc.
  • Separate incompatible substances by using the layer to contain one of them or to coat a granule that has previously been compressed into a core.

Topics of this Edition

1. Introduction and overview of pharmaceutical coating
2. Film-coating materials and their properties
3. Sugar coating
4. Solution properties and atomization in film coating
5. Surface effects in film coating
6. The development of film-coating processes
7. The coating process
8. Coating pans and coating columns
9. Environmental considerations: Treatment of exhaust gases from film-coating processes
10. Automation of coating processes
11. Validation of tablet coating processes
12. Mechanical properties of film coats
13. Film coat quality
14. Modified release coatings
15. Some common practical questions and suggested answers
16. Bibliography


Pharmaceutical Coating Technology Pdf Free



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