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Pediatric Success 3rd Edition PDF Free Download

The book Pediatric Success is written by Beth Richardson. The book contains 14 chapters, a full final exam, and online practice questions. Test-taking tips are included with each question. This chapter, Chapter 1, provides guidelines for course exam preparation and includes an example of how to use the RACE model.


Topics of this Edition

Chapter 1 Fundamentals of Critical Thinking Related to Test Taking: The RACE Model
Chapter 2 Pharmacology
Chapter 3 Growth and Development
Chapter 4 Pediatric Health Issues
Chapter 5 Respiratory Disorders
Chapter 6 Cardiovascular Disorders
Chapter 7 Gastrointestinal Disorders
Chapter 8 Genitourinary Disorders
Chapter 9 Endocrine Disorders
Chapter 10 Hematological/Oncolo0gy Disorders
Chapter 11 Neuromuscular Disorders
Chapter 12 Orthopedic Disorders
Chapter 13 Neurological Disorders
Chapter 14 Leadership and Management
Chapter 15 Comprehensive Exam

Overview of Pediatric Success

Secure your mastery of pediatric nursing knowledge while improving your critical thinking and test-taking skills. More than 900 NCLEX®-style questions on pediatrics and growth and development provide the practice you need to build your confidence. Fundamentals of correct and incorrect answers, as well as test-taking tips, help you critically analyze question types.

See what students are saying online…

Great study guide. “Awesome book as a study guide and for those taking PEDS at school. One of my favorite features is that the book offers fundamentals with the answers.”

Five stars. “This book is amazing…it helped me improve my test scores. I recommend buying it.”

The MOST useful NCLEX books I have found and I have used many! “For the nursing school, these make all the difference in helping to understand how to read and interpret complex questions. These books raised my Nursing class test scores by just 10 points!”

SAVED MY LITTLE LIFE AS A STUDENT NURSE!! “This workbook is the reason I was able to get an ‘A’ in my pediatrics rotation! The reasons for the correct and incorrect answers are extremely complete! I’M LOVIN ‘IT!!??”

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Book Name Pediatric Success
Author of Book Beth Richardson
Edition 3rd
Language English
Format PDF
Category Nursing Books



Pediatric Success



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