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Pediatric Primary Care 4th Edition PDF Free Download

The book Pediatric Primary Care is written by Beth Richardson. Pediatric Primary Care: Practice Guidelines for Nurses, Fourth Edition can be used as a resource for a variety of diagnoses, including differential diagnoses and treatment strategies. It is divided into two sections. The first section includes taking a history with a family seen for the first time, taking an interval history, the newborn round, and breastfeeding. Well-child visits are included, along with information on nutrition, elimination, sleep patterns, growth and development, and injury prevention. The second section is organized by body system and is written in an outline format, making it easy to read and quickly find information. Common medical conditions are presented with information on etiology, occurrence, clinical manifestations, physical findings, diagnostic tests, differential diagnosis, treatment, follow-up, complications, and patient/family education.


Key features

  • Updated pediatric practice guidelines.
  • Concussion coverage and guidelines for a safe return to activity.
  • Additional content related to detecting child abuse.
  • Images reflecting common childhood dermatological conditions.
  • Links to CDC’s current immunization schedule and STI diagnosis and treatment.
  • Updated Case Studies


Topics of this Edition

SECTION ONE Child Health Care
CHAPTER 1 Obtaining an Initial History
CHAPTER 2 Obtaining an Interval History
CHAPTER 3 Performing a Physical Examination
CHAPTER 4 Making Newborn Rounds
CHAPTER 5 Guidelines for Breastfeeding
CHAPTER 6 Common Genetic Disorders
CHAPTER 7 Two-Week Visit
CHAPTER 8 One-Month Visit
CHAPTER 9 Two-Month Visit
CHAPTER 10 Four-Month Visit
CHAPTER 11 Six-Month Visit
CHAPTER 12 Nine-Month Visit
CHAPTER 13 Twelve-Month Visit
CHAPTER 14 Fifteen- to Eighteen-Month Visit
CHAPTER 15 Two-Year Visit
CHAPTER 16 Three-Year Visit (Preschool)
CHAPTER 17 Six-Year Visit (School Readiness)
CHAPTER 18 Seven- to Ten-Year Visit (School Age)
CHAPTER 19 Eleven- to Thirteen-Year Visit (Preadolescent)
CHAPTER 20 Fourteen- to Eighteen-Year Visit (Adolescent)
SECTION TWO Common Childhood Disorders
CHAPTER 21 Dermatological Problems
CHAPTER 22 Eye Disorders
CHAPTER 23 Ear Disorders
CHAPTER 24 Sinus, Mouth, Throat, and Neck Disorders
CHAPTER 25 Respiratory Disorders
CHAPTER 26 Cardiovascular Disorders
CHAPTER 27 Gastrointestinal Disorders
CHAPTER 28 Genitourinary Disorders
CHAPTER 29 Gynecologic Disorders
CHAPTER 30 Endocrine Disorders
CHAPTER 31 Musculoskeletal Disorders
CHAPTER 32 Neurologic Disorders
CHAPTER 33 Hematologic Disorders
CHAPTER 34 Pediatric Obesity
CHAPTER 35 Behavioral Disorders
CHAPTER 36 Mental Health Disorders


Overview of Pediatric Primary Care

Pediatric Primary Care: Practice Guidelines for Nurses, Fourth Edition, is a comprehensive resource for well-child management and acute care management of childhood illnesses in a primary care setting. Written by practice experts, this text is intended for advanced practice nursing students as a quick reference guide once they enter clinical practice. To manage initial and follow-up visits, the Fourth Edition introduces templates for collecting first-visit history, as well as a template for recording new information since the last visit. Instructions for collecting medical history information are also included. The Fourth Edition is divided into two sections. The first section covers well-child care and includes admitting new patients with a family, well-child visits, and normal growth and development. The second section covers common childhood disorders in each body system. It is organized by body system and features common medical conditions, diagnosis, treatment, complications, and patient/family education.



Book Name Pediatric Primary Care
Author of Book Beth Richardson
Edition 4th
Language English
Format PDF
Category Nursing Books



Pediatric Primary Care



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