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Palliative Care Nursing_ a Guide to Practice-CRC Press (2nd Ed) PDF Free Download

This Book Palliative Care Nursing is written by Susie Wilkinson, Margaret O’Connor, and Sanchia Aranda. Palliative care has traditionally been defined as “. . . specialized medical care of dying people, with the aim of maximizing quality of life and assisting families and caregivers during and after death” (PCA 1999). The long tradition of the hospice movement attests to a commitment to caring for people who are dying. More recently, palliative care has evolved into an active, practice-based discipline aimed at improving the care of those facing the end of their lives. Palliative care now begins before the traditionally understood phase of death care and has become a multidisciplinary practice involving interactions with other relevant parts of the health care system.

The success of the first edition of Palliative Care Nursing suggests that the original goal of developing a book that would make palliative care accessible to nurses in all health settings has been achieved. This second edition has been completely revised, rewritten, and redesigned to ensure that the book remains a reliable and useful practice guide for nurses, especially those new to palliative care and those working in other areas of health where palliative care skills are necessary. required.



Book Name Palliative Care Nursing_ a Guide to Practice-CRC Press 
Author of Book Susie Wilkinson, Margaret O’Connor, Sanchia Aranda
Edition 2nd
Language English
Format PDF
Category Nursing Books



Overview of Palliative Care Nursing_ a Guide to Practice-CRC Press 

Written by experienced authorities from around the world who provide a broader international perspective on palliative nursing, this substantially expanded new edition has been specifically adapted to reflect working practices within the NHS. All nurses, especially those new to palliative care and those working in other areas of health where palliative skills are required, will find this essential reading.


Key features

This book will empower nurses through the development of their clinical knowledge and will contribute to improving the care of people who are dying.


Topics of this Edition

Chapter 1 Framing Palliative Care
                  Sanchia Aranda

Chapter 2 Evidence-Based Practice in Palliative Care
                 Alan Pearson

Chapter 3 Communication Skills in Palliative Care
                  Annabel Pollard and Kathleen Swift

Chapter 4 Occupational Stress in Palliative Care
                  Mary Vachon

Chapter 5 Ethical Decision-making
                  Margaret O’Connor and Sanchia Aranda

Chapter 6 Spiritual Care
                 Rosalie Hudson and Bruce Rumbold

Chapter 7 A Framework for Symptom Assessment
                 Sanchia Aranda

Chapter 8 Pain Management
                 Jeannine Brant

Chapter 9 Breathlessness
                 Mary Bredin

Chapter 10 Fatigue
                    Davina Porock

Chapter 11 Constipation
                    Beth Bailey

Chapter 12 Nausea and Vomiting
                    Robyn Millership

Chapter 13 Nutrition and Hydration
                   Margaret O’Connor

Chapter 14 Malignant Wounds
                    Wayne Naylor

Chapter 15 Confusion and Terminal Restlessness
                   Eleanor Flynn and Karen Quinn

Chapter 16 Psychological and Existential Distress
                    David Kissane and Patsy Yates

Chapter 17 Sexuality and Body Image 245
                    Kate White

Chapter 18 Complementary Therapies
                     Pauline McCabe and Amanda Kenny

Chapter 19 Working with Families
                    Linda Kristjanson, Peter Hudson, Lynn Oldham

Chapter 20 Bereavement
                   Donna Milne and Regina Millard

Chapter 21 Palliative Care in Chronic Illness
                    Julie Skilbeck and Sheila Payne

Chapter 22 Ageing, Dementia, and Palliative Care
                    Jenny Abbey

Chapter 23 Caring for Dying People in Critical Care
                    Jane Seymour

Chapter 24 Paediatric Palliative Care
                   Leanne Monterosso and Sharon De Graves


About the Author

Sanchia Aranda is a Professor and Director of Oncology Nursing Research at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. She has worked in cancer care since 1979, predominantly in the tertiary sector since 1990. Her research interests include cancer and palliative nursing in both hospital and community settings, especially in the area of ​​supportive care. His research, both quantitative and qualitative, focuses on implementing evidence in clinical practice, especially in improving health service delivery and outcomes for people with cancer and their families. Current studies include workforce planning in breast care, support needs of women with advanced cancer, interventions in symptoms of pain and fatigue, prevention of oral mucositis, and care of people suffering from bodily impairment.



Palliative Care Nursing_ a Guide to Practice-CRC Press



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