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Palliative Care Formulary 6th Edition PDF Free Download

The book Palliative Care Formulary is written by Robert Twycross, Andrew Wilcock, and Paul Howard. PCF’s target audience includes physicians, nurses, and pharmacists involved in the care of patients receiving hospice/palliative care. PCF is a basic textbook for registrars of palliative medicine in the UK. It is used in some areas to meet the NHS National Cancer Standards requirement for specialist palliative care services within a Cancer Center and Network to have a basic palliative care drug formulary and is mentioned in many official documents of health care, e.g. NICE CKS guidelines.

The production of a book of this nature depends on the help and advice of numerous colleagues, both past and present. We gratefully acknowledge the support of clinical colleagues and members of the community who have provided feedback, particularly through surveys, contributing to the syringe driver survey database, or posting on the bulletin board.


Topics of this Edition

Part 1 Drug Monographs
1 Gastro-intestinal system
2 Cardiovascular system
3 Respiratory system
4 Central nervous system
5 Analgesics
6 Infections
7 Endocrine system and immunomodulation
8 Urinary tract disorders
9 Nutrition and blood
10 Musculoskeletal and joint diseases
11 Ear, nose, and oropharynx
12 Skin
13 Anaesthesia


Part 2 Prescribing in palliative care
14 Prescribing in palliative care
15 Anticipatory prescribing in the community
16 Prescribing in children
17 Renal impairment
18 Hepatic impairment
9 Variability in response to drugs
20 Prolongation of the QT interval in palliative care
21 Drug-induced movement disorders
22 Drugs and fitness to drive
23 Taking controlled and prescription drugs to other countries
24 Obtaining specials
25 Management of postoperative pain in opioid-dependent patients
26 Drugs for pruritus 27 Oral nutritional supplements


Part 3 Routes of administration
28 Drug administration to patients with swallowing difficulties
or enteral feeding tubes
29 Continuous subcutaneous drug infusions
30 Transdermal patches
31 Nebulized drugs
32 Spinal analgesia



Overview of Palliative Care Formulary

Although written primarily with cancer patients in mind, PCF6 contains specific material related to other life-limiting diseases, for example, COPD, congestive heart failure, renal failure, and Parkinson’s disease. PCF also includes a series of rapid clinical guides. This comprehensive title includes stand-alone information on drugs used in palliative care, highlights off-label indications or routes, and discusses the administration of multiple drugs by continuous subcutaneous infusion.



Book Name Palliative Care Formulary
Author of Book Robert Twycross, Andrew Wilcock, Paul Howard
Edition 6th
Language English
Format PDF
Category Pharma Books



Palliative Care Formulary



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