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Packaging of Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Products Pdf Free

The book Packaging of Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Products: This book is written by H. Lockhart and F. A. Paine. You can download this book Packaging of Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Products in free pdf format. As was the case with Charles Ross’s Packaging of Pharmaceuticals published by the UK Packaging Institute in 1975, it is assumed that the reader of this book already has a broad understanding of the basics of packaging. Otherwise, the Manual for the use of containers and the Food Packaging Manual are recommended. The packaging needs of pharmaceuticals differ only to a certain extent from those of other perishable products, such as processed foods. Because the required action of a drug can be nullified by any deterioration in its active ingredients, the required protection of its packaging is at least an order of magnitude greater than that required by food, for example. 

According to Lockhart and Paine functional efficiency is of paramount importance. Rather, the need for the packaging to ‘sell’ the drug is much less, so the required graphics need only provide the correct ‘image’ of the product when it is presented for use in a hospital or surgery. Even when it is for sale in the pharmacy, the required ‘appeal’ is to provide hygiene and reliability more than anything else. Therefore, textual requirements are paramount, including traceability (lot numbers, date coding, etc.) in the event of a recall; while the eye-catching appearance to attract the customer’s attention is in a lower key. And with the increase in malicious manipulation today, recovery is more frequent.


Book Name Packaging of Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Products
Author of Book H. Lockhart and F. A. Paine
Language English
Format PDF
Category Pharmaceutical Books


Overview of  Packaging of Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Products Pdf Free

Pharmaceutical products require more detailed packaging than other sensitive products, such as food, although there are several similarities in their requirements. Almost all types of modern packaging are used for the wide range of drugs and devices available today, but the amounts involved are often less than with food. However, the security and integrity of the package are more important and are controlled by license agreements.
Furthermore, modern packaging must be childproof and tamper-proof. Advances in packaging technology have led to more complex testing requirements and therefore a deeper understanding of traditional and newer packaging methods and materials is required. Comfort and ease of use, hygiene, package integrity, and new dispensing methods must now also be provided to patients.
Medications need more care in their packaging than most other products, as any defect in their packaging could lead to changes in the medication that would lead to failure to cure, illness, injury, or even death of the patient. A drug must be effective, because if it is only a palliative then the drug and/or the packaging are a failure. Both potency and bioavailability must be demonstrated.

Topics of this Edition

• Introduction to the packaging of pharmaceuticals and healthcare products
• Spoilage mechanisms
• Packaging requirements of pharmaceuticals
• Developing packaging for medical preparations
• Licensing considerations regarding the immediate packaging of pharmaceuticals for human use
• Primary and intermediate packages
• Quality Assurance for packaging in the pharmaceutical industry
• Child-resistant packaging
• Tamper-evident packaging
• Packaging of healthcare products
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Packaging of pharmaceuticals and healthcare products Pdf Free



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