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Microbial quality assurance in cosmetics, toiletries and non-sterile pharmaceuticals 2nd ED. pdf

Microbial quality assurance in cosmetics: This book is written by R. Baird and Sally F. Bloomfield. You can download it freely in pdf format.  As a topic, microbial quality assurance continues to this day to test the minds of those involved in the manufacture of non-sterile cosmetic, toiletry, and pharmaceutical products. Over the years, scientists working in this field have developed increasingly sophisticated measures to minimize the risk of product contamination. Not only by understanding the problems of microbial contamination but also by appreciating its importance, considerable improvements have been made in contamination control through the implementation of good manufacturing practices and the application of new technologies. Despite these many advances, microbial contamination problems continue to cause concern on a regular basis, although less frequently than in the past.

The first edition of this book was published following a meeting held at the University of London at a time of considerable change in working practices. Combining information from many disparate sources, it presented a unique review of the most advanced approaches not only to contamination control but also to the broader issues of microbial quality assurance in general. The book was consulted by a wide readership and served as a valuable reference source for several years.


Book Name Microbial quality assurance in cosmetics
Author of Book R. Baird, and Sally F. Bloomfield
Edition 2nd
Language English
Format PDF
Category Pharmaceuticals Books

Overview of Microbial quality assurance in cosmetics pdf free

According to R. Baird and Sally F. Bloomfield, in compiling the second edition, the opportunity arose not only to produce a ‘stand-alone’ text with new and substantially updated information but also to reorganize the presentation of the material into four sections, thus guiding the reader through a step-by-step approach. to pollution control. At the same time, the editors have sought to provide an authoritative overview of microbiological issues affecting the manufacturing and quality control of cosmetics, toiletries, and non-sterile pharmaceuticals, compiled into a single book. Guidance is therefore provided on wide-ranging microbiological issues, ranging from early formulation considerations and manufacturing requirements for different dosage forms to final product testing according to internationally agreed standards and guidelines. In this edition you will see that particular emphasis has been placed on issues affecting both toiletries and cosmetics, thus addressing many of today’s consumer concerns. The appearance of this edition is both timely and appropriate and the new format is expected to present a fresh complexion.
In the manufacture of cosmetics, toiletries, and all kinds of pharmaceuticals, quality assurance is an important consideration. This book is particularly concerned with one aspect of quality, namely ensuring that products are not contaminated with organisms that may affect their safety, efficacy, or consumer or patient acceptability.

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Microbial quality assurance in cosmetics, toiletries and non-sterile pharmaceuticals pdf



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