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MedSurg Notes : Nurse’s Clinical Pocket Guide 2nd Edition PDF Free

The book MedSurg Notes: Nurse’s Clinical Pocket Guide is written by Tracey Hopkins. Legal issues affect all aspects of nursing care. Urgent care situations, where the patient’s life may be lost or potential quality of life compromised, require even more vigilant attention to standards of care and best nursing practices.



Key features

  • Know your state’s nursing practice law; contact your state board of nursing for a copy.
  • Learn about your state’s licensing requirements and keep your license as needed.
  • Stay informed on local, state, and national nursing issues; get involved as a lobbyist in your state; contact your state representatives regarding problems affecting nursing practice.
  • Learn if and how a nursing union could affect your practice.


Topics of this Edition

  • Tab 1: Basics
  • Tab 2: Cardiac
  • Tab 3: Respiratory
  • Tab 4: Neurology
  • Tab 5: Renal/F&E
  • Tab 6: GI
  • Tab 7: Endocrinology
  • Tab 8: Musculoskeletal/Integ
  • Tab 9: Infection
  • Tab 10: Emergency
  • Tab 11: Meds/Labs
  • Tab 12: Tools/Index



Overview of MedSurg Notes: Nurse’s Clinical Pocket Guide

The nurse must maintain accurate nursing notes, flow charts, medical charts, and nursing care plans that record the patient’s symptoms, the time the symptoms were present, the time the physician was notified, and the time the doctor arrived. The medical chart should be a factual record of the patient’s medical treatment, responses to treatment, vital signs, and all nursing interventions.



Book Name MedSurg Notes : Nurse’s Clinical Pocket Guide
Author of Book  Tracey Hopkins
Edition 2nd
Language English
Format PDF
Category Nursing Books



MedSurg Notes : Nurse's Clinical Pocket Guide



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