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Medical-Surgical Nursing at a Glance (1st Ed.) Pdf Free Download

The book Medical-Surgical Nursing at a Glance is written by Professor Ian Peate. Summary of Medical-Surgical Nursing is the ideal review and consolidation book for graduate nurses and other healthcare workers. The text breaks down complex aspects of medical and surgical care in an accessible and engaging way in the context of an ever-changing environment.

According to the Author: There have been and will continue to be many changes that will impact the care that nurses provide to patients in medical and surgical care settings. The key trends that may emerge over the next ten years are related to the socioeconomic and political environments, the health and care sectors, health and social care regulation, the nursing, and midwifery sectors, as well as education and provision of training for nurses and health care personnel. assistants These changes will affect the way nurses deliver care in various health and social care settings. Rapid technological progress has the potential to alter the dynamic between nurse and patient. Telehealth is increasingly being used to deliver medical care in conjunction with the implementation of electronic patient records.




Book Name Medical-Surgical Nursing at a Glance
Author of Book  Professor Ian Peate
Edition 1st
Language English
Format PDF
Category Nursing Books



Overview of Medical-Surgical Nursing at a Glance

Medical-Surgical Nursing at a Glance is the perfect companion for study and review by nursing and health care students from the publishers of the market-leading at-a-glance series. This accessible and easy-to-read guide brings together all the key principles of caring for patients with medical and surgical needs. Highly visual, each topic is covered on a single two-page spread, making it easy to quickly read key information and understand the essentials of key aspects of adult patient care.


Key features

  • A clear and accessible foundation of the need-to-know aspects of medicine and surgery for nurses.
  • It takes a systems approach that explores nursing care for key medical and surgical conditions and disorders.
  • Covers evaluation, nutrition, pain, and infection control.
  • Supported by a companion website with over 300 interactive multiple-choice questions.
  • Provides the necessary information in a quick reference format.
  • Written from a UK perspective, with application to clinical practice.


Topics of this Edition

  • Part 1 Nursing practice
1 What is Nursing?
2 The 6 Cs
3 Accountability and Responsibility
4 Risk and Safety
5 Patient-Centred Care
6 Team Working
  • Part 2 General care
7 Health Assessment
8 Intravenous Therapy
9 Blood Transfusion
10 Nutrition
11 Pain
12 Infection Prevention and Control: I
13 Infection Prevention and Control: II
  • Part 3 Medical nursing
14 HIV
15 Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
16 Irritable Bowel Syndrome
17 Asthma
18 Pulmonary Embolism
19 Pneumonia
20 Iron Deficiency Anaemia
21 Thrombocytopenia
22 Leukaemia
23 Myocardial Infarction
24 Heart Failure
25 Angina
26 Meningitis
27 Subarachnoid Haemorrhage
28 Epilepsy
29 Gastro-oesophageal Reflux Disease
30 Diverticular Disease
31 Constipation
32 Osteoporosis
33 Gout
34 Rheumatoid Arthritis
35 Diabetes Mellitus
36 Thyrotoxicosis
37 Erectile Dysfunction
38 Chlamydia
39 Dysmenorrhoea
40 Eczema
41 Psoriasis
42 Skin Cancer
43 Lung Cancer
44 Cervical Cancer
45 Prostate Cancer
46 Glaucoma
47 Conjunctivitis
48 Age-Related Macular Degeneration
  • Part 4 Surgical Nursing
49 Preoperative Care
50 Perioperative Care
51 Postoperative Care
52 Thoracotomy
53 Chest Drain
54 Stem Cell Transplantation
55 Splenectomy
56 Coronary Artery Bypass Graft
57 Cardiac Valve Surgery
58 Varicose Veins
59 Craniotomy
60 Neurosurgical Clipping
61 Appendicectomy
62 Right-sided Hemicolectomy
63 Bariatric Surgery
64 Arthroscopy
65 Lower Limb Amputation
66 Laminectomy
67 Pituitary Surgery
68 Thyroidectomy
69 Orchidectomy
70 Vasectomy
71 Dilation and curettage
72 Cone Biopsy
73 Burns
74 Skin Grafts
75 Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery
76 Cataract
77 Mastoidectomy

About the Author

Ian Peate is Professor of Nursing and Director of the Gibraltar School of Health Studies.



Medical-Surgical Nursing at a Glance



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