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Medical Pharmacology by Padmaja Udaykumar 7th Edition PDF free Download 2021

Text Book Medical Pharmacology 7th Edition 2021 by Padmaja Udaykumar pdf free download As per the latest CBME Guidelines, Competency-Based Undergraduate Curriculum for the Indian Medical GraduateMedical Pharmacology is a completely revised, expanded, and modernized version of the popular textbook. The book maintains its simplicity, gentleness, and written clarity. It has salient features from medical students as well as teachers. The textbook covers all topics in accordance with the latest CBME guidelines through the Medical Council of India (constituted as the National Medical Commission). In addition to being a ‘compulsory reading’ for undergraduate medical students, the text also addresses the needs of candidates preparing for postgraduate entrance and other competitive examinations. Teachers and instructors of dental sciences, pharmacy, nursing, and other paramedical courses will find it especially useful like the second edition.

What is New in Medical Pharmacology 7th Edition 2021?

This Free Medical book named medical Pharmacology by Padmaja Udaykumar Seventh Edition PDF free Download contains the following key features

  • New features, flowcharts, and diagrams added to illustrate recent concepts.
  • The text has been completely revised, redesigned, and expanded to accommodate the latest curriculum proposed by MCI.
  • The text includes new topics proposed under the CBME guidelines for the respective posts.
  • Flow charts illustrate each important procedure.
  • Boxes became more useful and useful for the reader.
  • Revise and expand text based on reviews and comments by specialist specialists and subject matter experts.
  • The students were then given a friendly look.
  • Texts and tables focus on clinical relevance.
  • Many memories of the book help to remember.
  • The Competition and Contract series complete the textbook on the analytical side.

About Author:

Padmaja Udaykumar MD
Professor and Head Department of Pharmacology, Fr Muller Medical College
Mangalore, Karnataka

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Description of Book:

Name: Medical Pharmacology

Language: English

Author: Padmaja Udaykumar

Edition: Seven

Price: PDF Free (Hard copy here)



“Change is the only constant thing in life”—as we keep delving into the depth of this saying, one cannot help appreciating how true it is in everyone’s life. Perceived as one of the biggest changes in medical education in recent times, the new CBME syllabus was received with much enthusiasm and expectations by the medical fraternity though it meant more efforts to be put in by everyone. Implementation of it needed training right from terminology to planning examinations. Just as the air of confusion was getting cleared and the first batch was settling well, the COVID-19 pandemic barged in. It had a say in almost everything and played havoc in the lives of millions. Implementation of CBME has brought out the need to tailor the contents of the Medical Pharmacology book. All competencies have been covered. Some new topics which were earlier not taught in pharmacology classes—like pesticides, national health programs, occupational and environmental poisoning, dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, and so on have been added. More flowcharts, tables, figures, and mnemonics have been done. The attempt has been made to do justice to the subject and the new syllabus, keeping in mind the reduced time frame. Hope this book reduces the burden of the students and the faculty alike.

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