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Media and Entertainment Law 2nd Edition PDF Free Download

The book Media and Entertainment Law is written by Ursula Smartt.

With integrated coverage of Scottish and Northern Irish law, the Media and Entertainment Act also highlights comparisons with similar foreign jurisdictions, such as the liability of ISPs where there are differences in US and European law, to help students to demonstrate knowledge of the media. laws, which can then influence UK law.

Analyzing key aspects such as radio and television broadcasting, print media, the music industry, online news and entertainment, and social networking sites, this text provides detailed coverage of key principles, cases, and legislation. , as well as a critical analysis of regulatory bodies. such as OFCOM and the new UK newspaper and magazine regulator (and online publishing), the Independent Press Standards Organization (Ipso). The text also provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of intellectual property law for the entertainment industry with recent changes to EU law relating to performers’ rights.


Topics of this Edition

1 Media Freedom
2 Privacy and Confidentiality
3 Defamation
4 Contempt of Court
5 Reporting Legal Proceedings
6 Freedom of Public Information
7 Obscenity Laws, Extreme Pornography and Censorship
8 Copyright I: Intellectual Property Law
9 Copyright II: Entertainment Law
10 Regulatory Authorities

About the Author

Ursula Smartt is an Associate Lecturer in Law at Surrey University, in charge of Media Law. She also teaches criminal and public law at the University of Portsmouth.


Overview of Media and Entertainment Law

Media and Entertainment Law presents a contemporary analysis of law relating to the media and entertainment industry, both in terms of its practical application and its theoretical framework. It provides a clear, current and complete description of this exciting topic.

Completely updated and revised, this second edition is one of the first texts to contain a comprehensive analysis of the Leveson Inquiry and the implications for our press and media that are emerging from it. The new edition contains; a new chapter looking at the Libel Act 2013; the 2010 Digital Economy Act, which was intended to toughen up against online copyright infringement and has been subject to parliamentary review since it came into force; and the liability of Internet Service Providers, including recent cases such as Sieve vs Google 2012, which somewhat defines to what extent an ISP can or cannot be held responsible for the content of its bloggers.



Book Name Media and Entertainment Law
Author of Book Ursula Smartt
Edition 2nd
Language English
Format PDF
Category Law Books



Media and Entertainment Law



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