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Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life And Maybe the World is one of the famous motivational and inspiring books written by William H. McRaven. Make your bed book PDF Free download in this post. let’s talk more about this pdf ebook. Admiral McRaven’s original speech went viral with over 10 million views. Building on the basic principles laid out in his speech, McRaven now tells stories from his own life and from people he met during his military service who faced difficulties and made difficult decisions with determination, compassion, honor and courage.  Told with great humility and optimism, this timeless book provides simple wisdom, practical advice, and words of encouragement that will inspire readers to achieve more, even in life’s darkest moments.

The headquarters of basic SEAL training is a nondescript three-story building located on the beach in Coronado, California, just a hundred yards from the Pacific Ocean. There is no air conditioning in the building, and at night, with the windows open, you can hear the tide and waves hitting the sand. Standing motionless, I could see the instructor out of the corner of my eye.

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Here is more piece of content from William H. McRaven’s motivational book Make your bed pdf. The waves off Coronado Island were choppy, little white ridges slapping us in the face as we swung sideways onto the beach. As usual, my swim buddy and I were struggling to keep up with the rest of the SEAL training class. The safety boat instructors were yelling at us to pick up the pace, but it seemed like the harder we swam, the further behind we fell. My swim partner that day was Ensign Marc Thomas. Like me, Marc had received his commission through the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC). He was a graduate of the Virginia Military Institute and one of the best long-distance runners in his class. In SEAL training, your swim buddy was the person you trusted to have your back. It was your swimming partner with whom you were physically attached on underwater dives. He was your swimming partner with whom you joined in the long swims.

Your swim buddy helped you study, kept you motivated, and became your closest ally during training. And, as swimming buddies, if one of you fails an event, you both suffer the consequences. It was the instructors’ way of reinforcing the importance of teamwork. When we finished swimming and crossed to the beach, a SEAL instructor was waiting for us. “Deployable!” the instructor yelled. This was the command to land in the push-up position: back straight, arms fully extended, and head up. “Do you two call yourself officers?” There was no point in answering. We both knew it would continue. “SEAL team officers lead the way. They are not the last to swim. They don’t embarrass their class.” The instructor moved around us, kicking sand into our faces as he spun around. “I don’t think you gentlemen are going to make it. I don’t think you have what it takes to be a SEAL officer. Pulling out a small black notebook from his back pocket, he gave us a disgusted look and jotted something down in the book. “You two just made The Circus list.” He shook his head. “You’ll be lucky if you survive another week.” The circus. It was the last thing Marc or I wanted.

The Circus was held every afternoon at the end of training. The Circus was another two hours of extra calisthenics, combined with continual harassment from SEAL combat veterans who wanted only the strong to survive the training. If you didn’t meet the standard, in any event, that day (calisthenics, steeplechase, timed runs, or swimming), your name was on the list. In the eyes of the instructors, you were a failure. What made The Circus so feared by students was not just the extra pain, but also the knowledge that the day after The Circus you would be exhausted from the extra training and so fatigued that you would fail to meet standards again. Another Circus would follow, then another and another. It was a death spiral, a cycle of failures that caused many students to drop out of school. While the rest of the students completed the day’s events, Marc and I, along with several others, gathered at the asphalt grinder to begin another long calisthenics session.

As we had come last in the swim, the instructors had designed The Circus just for us that day. Flutter kicks. Lots and lots of flutter kicks. Flutter kicks were designed to strengthen your abs and thighs so you can power your way through long open water swims. They were also designed to break you. The flutter kick exercise required you to lie on your back, with your legs extended directly in front of you and your hands behind your head. As the instructor counted the reps, you alternated kicking your legs up and down. At no time during the exercise was he allowed bending his knees. Bending the knees was considered a weakness among the frogmen.

The Circus was punishing. Hundreds of flutter kicks, as well as push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, and eight-count bodybuilders. When the sun went down, Marc and I could barely move. Failure had a price. The next day brought more calisthenics, another run, another obstacle course, another swim, and sadly, another circus. More sit-ups, more push-ups, and a lot more kicks. But as The Circuses continued, a funny thing happened. Our swims improved, and Marc and I started moving up the pack.


TOPICS of Make your bed book

Here are the chapters of the Make your bed book by William H. McRaven


CHAPTER ONE: Start Your Day with a Task Completed

CHAPTER TWO: You Can’t Go It Alone

CHAPTER THREE: Only the Size of Your Heart Matters

CHAPTER FOUR: Life’s Not Fair—Drive On!

CHAPTER FIVE: Failure Can Make You Stronger

CHAPTER SIX: You Must Dare Greatly

CHAPTER SEVEN: Stand Up to the Bullies

CHAPTER EIGHT: Rise to the Occasion

CHAPTER NINE: Give People Hope

CHAPTER TEN: Never, Ever Quit!

The University of Texas Commencement Speech

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