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Leadership Roles and Management Functions (7th Ed.) in Nursing Free PDF Download

This book Leadership Roles and Management Functions in Nursing is written by Bessie L. Marquis , Carol J. Huston. The philosophy of this book has evolved over the past 30 years of teaching leadership and management. We entered the academy from the community sector of the health care industry, where we held nursing management positions. In our first authorial effort, Management Decision Making for Nurses: 101 Case Studies, published in 1987, we used an experiential approach and emphasized managerial roles appropriate for first- and middle-level managers. The primary audience for this text was undergraduate nursing students.

According to Author: Leadership roles and management roles in nursing were also influenced by national developments in business and finance leading many to believe that managerial leadership failure was widespread. It became clear that if managers are to function effectively in the rapidly changing health care industry, better leadership and management skills are needed.




Book Name Leadership Roles and Management Functions in Nursing
Author of Book  Bessie L. Marquis , Carol J. Huston
Edition 7th
Language English
Format PDF
Category Nursing Books



Overview of Leadership Roles and Management Functions in Nursing

Hundreds of carefully designed exercises along with clear discussions of theory teach nursing students how to integrate effective management skills with expert leadership skills. The authors’ experiential learning approach makes it easy to apply these skills in any healthcare setting. This book helps students develop the critical thinking skills needed to apply skills on the job, from organizing patient care to motivating staff and managing conflict.



Key features

  • Examining the Evidence, a feature in each chapter, describes new research findings, evidence-based practice, and best practices in leadership and management.
  • Learning exercises interspersed throughout each chapter encourage critical thinking and promote interactive discussions.
  • Breakout commentary highlights key ideas throughout each chapter.
  • Key Concepts summarize important information in each chapter.

Topics of this Edition

Unit I: The Critical Triad Decision Making, Management, and Leadership
Unit II: Foundation for Effective Leadership and Management Ethics, Law, and Advocacy
Unit III: Roles and Functions in Planning
Unit IV: Roles and Functions in Organizing
Unit V: Roles and Functions in Staffing
Unit VI: Roles and Functions in Directing
Unit VII: Roles and Functions in Controlling



Leadership Roles and Management Functions in Nursing



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