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Introduction to Criminal Law PDF Free Dwonload

The book Introduction to Criminal Law is written by Andy Schmitz. Laws differ significantly from state to state. Throughout the United States, each state and federal government criminalizes different behaviors. Although this plethora of laws makes American legal studies more challenging for faculty and students, the size, cultural makeup, and geographic variety of our country require this type of legal system.

Laws are not static. As society changes, so do the laws that govern behavior. Evolving value systems naturally lead to new laws and regulations that support modern beliefs. Although a certain stability is essential for rule compliance, occasionally the rules must change.


Topics of this Edition

Chapter 1 Introduction to Criminal Law
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure
1.3 The Difference between Civil and Criminal Law
1.4 Classification of Crimes
1.5 The Purposes of Punishment
1.6 Sources of Law
1.7 End-of-Chapter Material


Overview of Introduction to Criminal Law

This textbook introduces you to our legal system in the United States, the basic elements of a crime, the specifics of common crimes, and most criminal defenses. Criminal law always involves government and government action, so you’ll also review the relevant sections of the United States Constitution and its principles that apply to criminal law. By the end of the book, you will be comfortable with the legal framework that governs the careers of criminal justice professionals.



Book Name Introduction to Criminal Law
Author of Book  Andy Schmitz
Edition 2009
Language English
Format PDF
Category Law Books



Introduction to Criminal Law



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