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Inner Excellence PDF Free Book by Jim Murphy

Inner Excellence: Achieve Extraordinary Business Success through Mental Toughness PDF Free is a motivational business success book written by Jim Murphy. You can read and download this free motivational Inner Excellence here. We strongly recommend getting this book from the author. I only post this book here just for those who have no access to the concerned platform to get this ebook. you need a competitive edge to be successful, no matter your field or profession. This step-by-step training manual from one of North America’s top performance coaches harnesses the winning mindset of Olympic stars, professional sports teams, Navy Seals and more to help you achieve higher levels of performance than ever before. what you never thought possible. Jim Murphy’s complete program of proven mental techniques is based on life principles that apply easily to his company, his career, and everything he does.

Inner Excellence: Achieve Extraordinary Business Success through Mental Toughness PDF Free has many tips for businessmen who want to become successful. 

  • This book was written for those who want to live fully and achieve great things. If you want to be better at what you do and live a more fulfilling life, you’ve come to the right place. To do that, we must consider the possibilities and find new ways of thinking. For starters, we can model the thought patterns of remarkable people who live passionately and achieve extraordinary things. Below are examples of some of those thoughts, called presuppositions. An assumption is a helpful belief that helps achieve desired results.
    Every thought and image in your mind has a consequence.
    The mind and body are intimately connected; each affects the other
  • Developing the whole person (mind, body, and spirit) is the most powerful way to create the best employee, manager, teacher, or athlete.
  •  We live simultaneously in two worlds: the tangible world that we can see, touch, taste, etc., and the invisible world that controls the tangible world. When we learn how these unseen forces shape our lives, we can constantly change our lives and the lives of others for the better.
  • There are no failures, just feedback. The result of your actions becomes a failure the moment you label it as such. Your judgment determines that label.
  • The unconscious mind directs our lives, constantly working to maintain homeostasis, attracting circumstances and people compatible with what we unconsciously believe. These beliefs can be changed.
  • Behind every behavior there is a positive need or intention. Human behavior is not random. There is a purpose behind every behavior, and it is always done in some way to try to satisfy the need for something positive.
  • People make the best decisions available to them. Any behavior, no matter how weird or screwed up, was the best option available to him or her at the time (given that person’s life history, knowledge, beliefs, and resources, and viewed from their frame of reference).
  • We all have a naturally biased, self-centered frame of reference from which we view the world.
  • Our egocentric frame of reference leads to self-awareness, one of the biggest challenges we face.
  • Unable to communicate. Everything you do or don’t do sends a message.

What is in Inner Excellence 

Inner Excellence shows you how to:

  1. CONNECT WITH YOUR PASSION and run with it
  2. FOCUS YOUR ENERGY and reach your goals
  3. LEVERAGE YOUR STRENGTHS and live your dreams
  4. GET IN THE ZONE and achieve the extraordinary
  5. Packed with exercises to improve mental performance, creative goal-based game plans, and 50 inspiring interviews, Inner Excellence raises the bar for success in business and life.

Introduction of Inner Excellence PDF

Life is filled with choices. Where you go, what you do, and who you become are the result of the daily decisions you make. There is one decision that outweighs all the rest, and that is: will you be true to yourself in a world trying to make you like everyone else? What does that even mean? You may be endlessly pursuing goals to have more, win more, and achieve more—all of which could be wiped out in one economic tidal wave. Is the path you’re on taking you where you really want to go? When you’re on your deathbed looking back on your life, will you have peace and fulfillment with no regrets? In my experience talking to and working with world-class performers and leaders, I’ve learned that what we really want, beyond our tangible goals and pursuits, is the fullness of life.

We want to have great experiences and use our full potential. We want to be challenged, we want to be creative, and we want to grow. We want the freedom to live with passion and pursue our dreams regardless of what people think, how much money we make, or the level of status we acquire. Ultimately, we want to vividly experience great moments in our lives and live fully. Fear takes all of that away. Instead of challenges, fear sees obstacles; instead of opportunities, and setbacks. Instead of experiencing growth, we live in the past. If we want to truly live, we need to embrace our fears and find the courage to be our true selves. As an outfielder in the Chicago Cubs organization, my self-image and self-acceptance revolved around my batting average. When I hit well, I walked tall and felt great. When I hit poorly, my shoulders slumped and my outlook was dark. Life was a roller coaster of emotions. I was a slave to the results, and it stifled my performance.

When I started my coaching career, I saw this over and over again: athletes had lost the joy of performing, and their passion for life, as they struggled under the pressure to win. The fear of failure engulfed their lives. In my research on fearlessness, I came upon British adventurer Lewis Gordon Pugh. In 2007 he took a Russian icebreaker to the arctic circle to swim one kilometer in below-freezing ice water. He wore only a Speedo, cap, and goggles. You’ll read about how, though filled with fear and contemplating the real possibility of death, he made a powerful difference on an international scale. You’ll also learn how others around the world have used the same strategy, and how you can too—because it works. Inner Excellence Book about extraordinary performance and long-term fulfillment, at the office, on the field, and at home. We’ll look at world-class performers who live balanced, fulfilling lives and study the key principles that allow them to do that. We’ll look at the unique life perspective of extraordinary people, including how they’ve learned to direct and control their feelings and compete to win without becoming enslaved by their performance. We’ll see how the basic principles are the same, whether you’re an athlete or an executive, an Olympic team or a small business. We’ll explore the concepts of self-actualization and the ways in which the study of extraordinary people teaches us to perform our best and truly live.


Inner Excellence: Achieve Extraordinary Business Success through Mental Toughness has foo

1 Maslow and the Maserati: The Pursuit of More
2 The Monster of Self: The Biggest Obstacle We All Face
3 The Quest for Fearlessness: Three Pillars of Extraordinary Success
4 Code of the Samurai: The Triumph of Mastery over Ego
5 Change Your State, Change Your Life: How to Get the Feelings You Want
6 The World Is Flat: Reconstruct Your Model of the World
7 A Clear and Present Beauty: The Four Most Powerful Ways to Be Fully Present
8 Poise Under Pressure: Four Keys to Extraordinary Performance
9 Zoë and the Mind-Set for Growth: The Underlying Process of High Performance
10 Maslow, Michael Jordan, and the Navy Seals: Three Hallmarks of Extraordinary Leaders
Conclusion: A New Way of Life


Book Name Inner Excellence PDF
Author of Book Jim Murphy
Edition 1st
Language English
Format PDF
Category Motivational books


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Inner Excellence by jim murphy


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