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Independent Paralegal’s Handbook: How to Provide Legal Services Without Becoming a Lawyer 6thEdition PDF Free Download

The book Independent Paralegal’s Handbook: How to Provide Legal Services Without Becoming a Lawyer is written by Ralph Warner, Catherine Elias-Jermany, Stephen ELias. While Nolo believes that the accurate and up-to-date legal information in his books can help you solve many of your legal problems cost-effectively, this book is not intended to be a substitute for personalized advice from an experienced attorney. If you want the help of a trained professional, consult an attorney licensed to practice in your state.


Topics of this Edition

1. The Historical Background
2. The Law
3. How to Do Your Job and Stay Out of Trouble
4. Legal Areas Open to Independent Paralegals
5. Naming Your Business
6. Establishing an Office
7. How to Establish a Good Relationship With Lawyers, Mediators, and Judges
8. How to Run a Quality Business
9. How Much to Charge
10. Marketing Your Services
11. Computers, the Internet, and the Independent Paralegal
12. Customer Recourse
13. Working for Volunteer, Community, or Social Change Organizations
14. Political Organizing for Change

About the Author

Ralph Warner is a co-founder of Nolo and one of the pioneers of the self-help law movement. Educated as a lawyer, Warner left the practice in the early 1970s. Along with Charles Sherman, he founded Nolo in 1971 and Project WAVE, one of the first self-help divorce typing services, the following year. He is the author of several self-help law books and co-author of 29 Reasons Not to Go to Law School.
An innovator for more than thirty-five years in the fields of legal training and professional and business development, Catherine Elias-Germany served as Director of Paralegal Training and Professional Development for the National Legal Services Corporation from 1974 to 1980. He then turned his expertise to design and implement a series of legal and business education programs for Nolo, the National Association of Independent Paralegals, and the National Institute of Paralegals. Catherine is currently the Executive Director of the National Self Help Law Project, President of Lake County Community Radio, Program Producer for KPFZ FM, and mother and grandmother of four children.
Stephen R. Elias received a law degree from Hastings College of Law in 1969 and practiced law in California, New York, and Vermont until 1980 when he joined Nolo. In 2000, Steve retired from Nolo and, with his wife Catherine, launched the National Self-Help Law Project, an organization dedicated to creating and improving the infrastructure necessary for self-help law to thrive. Steve also operates a storefront bankruptcy law practice in Lakeport, California, and is deeply involved with a local community radio station.


Overview of Independent Paralegal’s Handbook: How to Provide Legal Services Without Becoming a Lawyer

In 1971, a start-up company known as Nolo Press published his first self-help law book, Filing Your Own Divorce in California, by Charles Edward Sherman. Two years later, Sherman and Nolo co-founder Ralph Warner (also a co-author of this book) launched an independent chain of divorce administrative service centers to help people who use the book. In essence, these centers operated as public legal clerks, following the instructions of their clients who acted as their own lawyers. Most of the centers are still operating more than 25 years later.
Almost from the beginning, these centers were under the scrutiny of the California State Bar Association. As is true of all states, California has a statute that prohibits the Unauthorized Practice of Law (UPL). As we noted in Chapter 2, this type of statute is almost always ill-defined, that is, the statute does not define the practice of law, but instead leaves it to the courts to decide on a case-by-case basis, after the decision. fact, whether or not a particular activity is the practice of law.



Book Name Independent Paralegal’s Handbook: How to Provide Legal Services Without Becoming a Lawyer
Author of Book Ralph Warner, Catherine Elias-Jermany, Stephen ELias
Edition 6th
Language English
Format PDF
Category Law Books



Independent Paralegal's Handbook: How to Provide Legal Services Without Becoming a Lawyer



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