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Income Tax Law Pdf Free Download

Income Tax Law: These laws are regulated by the Department of Zakat and Income Tax which you can download freely in pdf format.  The Minister has the power to allow payment in installments of amounts due to a taxpayer provided that there are sufficient reasons and justifications within the framework of the restrictions and conditions specified by the Regulation. The Minister may delegate whatever he deems appropriate from this power to the Director General of the Department. In addition, he or whoever delegates may revoke the fee if he finds that the accruals of the Public Treasury are subject to lose.

Payments received for the use or the right to use intellectual rights, including but not limited to copyrights, patents, designs, trade secrets, trademarks and trade names, know-how, trade secrets, business, goodwill, and payments received for use of information related to industrial, commercial or scientific expertise, or against the granting of the right to exploit natural and mineral resources.


Book Name Income Tax Law
Department Department of Zakat and IncomeTax
Language English
Format PDF
Category Tax Law Books

Overview of Income Tax Law Pdf Free Download

If the income is attributable to a permanent establishment of a non-resident situated in the Kingdom, including income from sales in the Kingdom of goods of the same or similar nature as those sold through such permanent establishment, and income from the provision of services or the performance of other activities in the Kingdom of the same or similar nature as an activity carried out by a non-resident through a permanent establishment.

When an asset owned by a taxpayer is converted to personal use or is no longer used to generate income, the taxpayer is considered to have disposed of the asset at its market value, recognizing the resulting gain but not the loss. 

All ordinary and necessary expenses to obtain the taxable income, paid or accrued, incurred by the taxpayer during the taxable year, with the exception of capital disbursements and other non-deductible expenses, are deductible for the determination of the tax base. to Article Thirteen of this Law and other provisions of this Law.
Research and development expenses related to earning taxable income can be deducted. Expenses for the acquisition of land or equipment for research may not be deducted. Said equipment will be subject to depreciation in accordance with Article Seventeen of this Law.

Topics of this Edition

Chapter One Definitions
Chapter Two Taxpayers
Chapter Three Tax Base and Tax Rates
Chapter Four Taxable Income
Chapter Five Expenses of Earning Income
Chapter Six Tax Accounting Rules
Chapter Seven Additional Rules for Determining Tax Base
Chapter Eight Taxation Rules of Partnerships
Chapter Nine Rules of Taxation on Capital Companies
Chapter Ten Natural Gas Investment Tax
Chapter Eleven General Provisions
Chapter Twelve Filing of Declarations, Assessments, and Procedures of Objection and Appeal
Chapter Thirteen Tax Collection
Chapter Fourteen Fines
Chapter Fifteen the Minister’s Powers
Chapter Sixteen Concluding Provisions

About the Department

Department of Zakat and Income Tax

The General Authority for Zakat and Taxation (GAZT) is a government agency under the Ministry of Finance. It was established by Ministerial Resolution no. 394, dated 8/7/1370 H. (06/14/1951). GAZT’s head office is in Riyadh. DZIT has seventeen branches. GAZT’s Objectives GAZT’s objectives can be summarized as follows: assess and collect zakat on the business activities of Saudis and citizens of the member states of the Gulf Cooperative Council; Assess and collect taxes from taxable persons in accordance with relevant laws and regulations; Improve voluntary taxpayer compliance through fair treatment, excellent performance, increased taxpayer awareness, and better services provided to taxpayers.
The head office of DZIT is in Riyadh. There are ten field offices reporting to the central office; field offices are located in Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Makkah, Medina, Taif, Qassim, Abha, Tabuk, and Al-Ihsa. In addition, there are sections in the financial offices to collect zakat and taxes in regions and districts with no DZIT field offices.


Income Tax Law Pdf Free Download



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