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How to Use Telegram for Education

Telegram is a messaging application and it is growing faster day by day. In the year 2021 telegram got more fame after the announcement of WhatsApp sharing data with Facebook. Telegram is cloud base social network. It also can be used for study purposes in this post I am going to tell you how to use Telegram for study. After Covid-19 every, almost every university in the world has started online classes. The mode of education has changed now. If you’re a student and you have fond of E-learning then you must know how to use Telegram for education purposes in this modern era.


Telegram is much better than WhatsApp and other Social apps in order to use it for education.


Why Telegram is Better than WhatsApp?

Telegram App is much better as compared to WhatsApp because If you’re a professor or teacher and created a group for class students Whenever a new student is added to in the group then he/she can’t find the olf files. The student will get future updates only. On the other hand, Telegram is a cloud-based application. Cloud-based mean it stores your data on its server so every new user can access previously shared data at any time. So no need to share data again and again.

Telegram is more advanced it has thousands of groups and channels and robot systems that are helpful to search your desire data in seconds.

WhatsApp groups have only 257 members in a group but in telegram, you can add 200,000 members in a group. So in this way you can add all your classes even school or university in few groups.


Benefits of Telegram

Telegram is more advanced than any other social app. This thing makes it unique from others.  You can create channels It has no limit of subscribers.

200,000 groups members:

You can add 200,000 members in a group so only a single sharing can reach 200,000 people simultaneously.

  • It’s free – the app is free to download, install and use. There is no advertising or subscription fee. It is run by, a non-profit organization.
  • It’s safe – the telegram was created in 2013 by Russian brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov as a means of communication without access to Russian security agencies (The Verge). This is an encryption method that ensures security. It also features a secret chat where users can configure their messages to destroy themselves after viewing recipients (such as Snap chat posts). These messages are not stored in the app’s cloud.
  • It’s fast – Telegram claims to be the fastest messaging app on the market today. Its unique distributed network of data centres around the world makes this possible.
  • It’s accessible. This means you can access all your data on different platforms, save the progress of your discussions, and log in and out at the same time, anytime, anywhere.
  • It has great potential – Telegram provides unlimited storage for your data on their cloud. You can send and receive any type of document and multimedia files up to 1.5 GB each time.

Groups & Channel:

On telegram, you can create groups and channels. Channel is a great way to use telegram for education purposes. There are many features and settings to control your channel and groups. Channel is like a Twitter account or youtube where you can subscribe to a channel and after that, you start receiving content from that.


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How to use telegram for Teaching and educational purposes

Now we come to our main point. Create a channel or group. All class can be added in single groups so you can send any task or assignment to all students simultaneously.

As we know telegram stores data on its server so every new and old student can easily view and access that data at any time.

Following or other points:

  1. Possibility of communication between the teacher and his students through this.
  2. Send student assignments and tasks to the teacher.
  3. Telegram groups and channels work for the classroom.
  4. Add the program to one of the educational sites as a synchronization tool.
  5. Supervisors can form a group through which researchers can show their observations.
  6. Working seminars and scientific work telegram through the preparation of a group of all researchers, scholars, experts and professors in each field separately.
  7. Telegram advertisements for training courses and workshops in various fields.
  8. Telegram working groups and channels to answer questions from school administrators or university students.
  9. Working group special course.
  10. Talk to students from other schools.
    Connect with other cultures around the world.
  11. Parents use it to communicate with teachers so that they are consistent with their children and their level of education.
  12. Provide e-content for the home in reverse learning strategies.
  13. Create voice or video and audio communications with experts from around the world.


Learn English using Telegram



Learn English using Telegram

You can also use telegram to learn the English language. There are many channels and groups that teach English as a teacher.



Best Telegram channels for learning English:

Some channels are easy to understand in English, as shown below. You can find these channels by typing in the telegram search bar and username.






English Idioms Land

Espresso English

English tips and tools

English of the day

The best way to be fluent in English is to practise because practice makes a man perfect. Read articles and newspapers and use a dictionary. There are many android and IOS apps are available to download any of them and enhance your English.


I hope this post How to Use Telegram for Education will he usefull for you. If you really like this post don’t forget to share with other people. Keep learning and keep smiling.









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