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How to Replace a Dead iPad Battery – 4 Methods

Replacement of dead iPad Battery isn’t easy because Apple designs its products with solid cases that can only be opened with effort and skill. But that doesn’t mean you need to buy a new iPad when your iPad’s battery starts to die.  The question comes How to Replace a Dead iPad Battery Both Apple Inc.’s iPhone and iPad have turned off batteries in the cell that owners can’t replace themselves. As is the case with the iPhone, Apple says it will give those whose iPads have “less electrical charge” a completely new unit.


Here are 4 methods to Replace a Dead iPad Battery

1. AppleCare (iPads Under Warranty)

If your iPad is under its original warranty, or you have purchased an extended warranty from Apple Care that is still in force, Apple will replace the battery (actually the entire iPad) for free.
If your warranty is still active, go to this Apple Support webpage, click on the link to start the service request (it’s in the “iPad Battery and Power” section. To find it faster ” Search on the page “Start service request). You can also make an appointment at the Apple Store and take your iPad inside.

Make a backup of your data before handing it over to your iPad to avoid losing your data. The repaired or replaced iPad should arrive three to five business days after you give it to Apple. (Read How to free space on your Apple Watch)

Apple may check your iPad to see if the issue is due to a non-warranty cover (if so, your replacement will not be possible). Also, if the iPad has a painting on it, the turn can be up to two weeks, as Apple will also engrave an alternative iPad.



2. iPad Battery with an expired warranty

Replace the battery for the iPad with an expired warranty method, If your iPad is not guaranteed, Apple will fix the battery for $ 99 (plus $ 6.95 shipping, and tax). To begin the repair, launch the service request on Apple’s site or visit the Apple Store.

Even if you have to pay for the replacement of the battery, the iPad to work again. $99 is a good price. That said, you should consider the cost of getting a new member rather than the cost of repairs. If the iPad with failed battery is old, it would be better to put this amount on the cost of buying a new iPad.


3. Authorized repair shops

In the Replacement of iPad batteries at authorized repair shops method,  There are shops that repair iPad screens and batteries. These repair shops can even be found in hollow spaces in many malls and charge even lower than Apple. If you plan to use any of these repair shops, find a place authorized by Apple to provide repairs. That means they are trained and experienced. An experienced repairman can cause far more problems than you can solve. Apple cannot solve these problems if they are performed by an unauthorized provider.


4. DIY iPad Battery Replacement

Battery replacement is possible for an iPad with the right tools and skills. If you are a tech lover and are willing to risk destroying your iPad, just do it yourself. It will cost from It $51 to  $99 approx to buy the tools and parts needed to replace the iPad’s battery. But remember: repairing your own iPad guarantees it (if it still isn’t guaranteed). If you damage your iPad, Apple will not fix the device.



we have discussed How to Replace a Dead iPad Battery with 4 methods, you can choose any of them which suit you. The fourth method only tries, when you have knowledge of repairing or hire the services of a good skilled person.


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