How to recover deleted whatsapp chat messages in android phone 2021

Nothing eares permanently in the technology world.  Every problem has a solution just we need to explore it. The almost every person who has a smartphone uses Whatsapp if yes then, of course, you will also do.  So you must be aware of how to recover deleted Whatsapp messages  So if you are willing to know how you can recover deleted messages then follow these easy steps
How to recover deleted whatsapp chat messages in android phone 2018

The first step is to go to your phone settings, then select Applications, Application Manager and select WhatsApp.

When you select WhatsApp and then select the option of Clear data and the open folder of  My Files on your phone. Now select Device Storage, Whatsapp, and Databases.
Then long-press on a file named: msgstore.db.crypt12 and rename it to: backup-msgstore.db

After doing this, you will be logged out of your WhatsApp. Now you have to log in to your WhatsApp by submitting your phone number.

Once you enter your phone number, you will receive a six-digit OTP.
After entering your six-digit OTP, then select: restore deleted messages.

Once your messages have been restored, select next
This will simply uncontrived you to your profile and you can enter your name. Now select next.
At this point, your WhatsApp will start to initialize.
Google Drive will then ask you to replacement your media, you have to select Never and then Done.
Now close your chats and you will see that your deleted WhatsApp messages have been restored. Enjoy!

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